Nursing home ratings

  1. Just wondering if anyone read the special report on nursing homes in the Lafayette area printed in Sunday's edition of the Journal and Courier. Any thoughts? Input? As a LTC nurse, I was a little surprised at some of the results.
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  3. by   barb4575
    but, I am curious what it did say? Also, I recently heard on the radio that LTC facilities in IN have significantly improved in the past year and many have 100% state survey results. I find this difficult to believe that their survey reflects reality.

  4. by   SaintsFan1
    The article was basically giving the public a rating on the LTC facilities of Lafayette and the immediate surrounding counties. The ratings were based on the survey results from the last 3 years and also staffing ratios at or within the 3 months prior to being surveyed. I was particularly surprised at some of the results because I am familiar with several of the facilities mentioned, either by employment or knowing people and families familiar with them. The non-profit facilities always faired better than the for-profit, which speaks volumes to me!
    The only complaint I have about Lafayette area nursing homes is this...


    They deserve to pass on in the quiet comfort of their "home" not in a cold, stark ED where nobody knows them!
  6. by   Fran-RN
    We ( LTC nurses) do what the families and MD's tell us. Many people choose DNR status but when the family sees Grandma dying they demand you do something, any thing. and frequently after calling the MD, their response is" send them to ER for eval."
    We don't like it either , but kind of stuck . Many people still think we can keep people alive forever.
  7. by   barb4575
    someone is a DNR living in LTC....does not equate with just let them go on out at the nursing home. I have sent clients out to hospital ER's and some should not have gone, but it was their choice...and they do have a choice. I recall working ICU and having so many patients that were DNR's and we worked aggressively on them too...for many reasons: sometimes, because the family wanted us to and sometimes, for the patient's wishes and sometimes, because quite simply, it was a teaching hospital. I especially loved working Medical-Surgical units as recently as this summer and having the ER send us patients who belonged in ICU or at least awhile longer in the ER for to me, that is the challenge indeed.

  8. by   Lovenursinganyx
    I am a lpn at one of the nursing homes that were in the top 3 of the list. We work very hard at getting a score of 100 if state is in the building or not. We take pride in knowing that our NH is one of the best in the area!