Need a job prior to relocation

  1. hi, i am a recent graduate planning to relocate to indianapolis from nc. i would love to do so while my children are out of school. i am in desperate search for a job, and i have been applying to seems like hundreds of jobs since before i graduated and no such luck. i don't know if anyone knows of any positions that are in the city or not too far that i could apply for. it seems as if every job i see wants 1-3yrs experience. i have applied to a nurse residency program but got rejected because i am not in the area right now. i feel like i am hitting a brick wall, no job without a home... no home with out a job. what should i do? any advice is accepted.
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  3. by   luv-of-kids
    Are you applying to just hospitals or have you tried LTC's? There are just tons of LTC's in Indy and surrounding areas. You might want to look up American Senior Communities, they are a cooperation that owns a lot of facilities here and they pay well. Feel free to pm me and I can try to help you more.
  4. by   Bec7074
    That surprises me. Have you look at the big health systems like IU Health and St. Vincent? They have hospitals all around the Indianapolis area and even beyond. St. Francis, Wishard, and Hendricks are all in the area too. I work in an ICU in an Indianapolis hospital and we just hired new grads....I would still apply even if it says experience required. Nevertheless, there are RN jobs posted at my facility that say they don't require experience. Keep searching!

    Have you passed your boards yet??? Do you have an Indiana license?? Usually a job requirement is to have a current IN license....without it, you're prob not going to get a job anywhere.
  5. by   will-b-an-RN
    yes I just took my boards on the 16th and passed. now I am in the process of applying for an endorsement. thanks so much for all the insight. I got a couple call backs so things are looking up!
  6. by   WATSON101
    Hi am a nurse with about 4months longterm care exp. i took a job at a nursing home because it was hard to find one at a hospital. Can you tell me which jobs are hiring. so far ive been applying to fospital jobs. But hopefully i wont get so desperate and have to wrk at a nursing home. i would like acute care exp. i want to wrk in ob, or or general med surg. thk u