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  1. 0 I am a nursing student at Med Tech college in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. I am looking for other nursing studennts to talk about classes with. I would love to hear from anyone currently in college for nursing.
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    Hi. I am going to an informational meeting at Indpls Med Tech tomorrow night. What can you tell me about your personal experience with Med Tech? What I've found on here so far is not good and makes me wonder why I am wasting my time. To that extent...I have a 4 yr degree from Ball State and I am going back to get my 4yr RN. I have plans right now to apply to the 2nd degree program at BSU next summer. I found MedTech close to home and decided to check it out. I would love to chat! I just took AP 101 at Ivy Tech as a review from my BSU days and Med Tech says I get to take it I don't know about that.

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