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    If you're interested in pursuing this program, beware that you are going into a program that will leave you scratching your heads as to how unorganized it is. Course content in pathophysiology and nursing care for the adult client lacks a lot to be desired and instructors disappear into cyberspace for a week at a time or more without any correspondence, if they even bother to return emails at all. Certain instructors are just coasting off of material available for previous classes and literally doing nothing to earn their paychecks. The bottom line is that some of the online instructors put virtually zero effort into enhancing the learning and then wonder why test scores are so low. We consistently have to ask for homework assignments due that aren't even posted and exams posted on the website in no way translates to what material exactly is being covered.

    If you want to a lot, this is the program for you.

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    What semester are you in? How are the clinicals?
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    I agree with Kjj007, what semester are you in? I hear a lot of frustration in your post, and want you to know that you're probably not alone. I've just finished my 3rd semester, and while there have been frustrating times, I look back on those days of Adult Care 1 and Patho and am amazed at how little I knew back then. All nursing schools are frustrating, and knowing that you're in an accelerated program so already have a bachelor's degree from somewhere, wouldn't you agree that there are frustrating teachers everywhere? Nursing school is tough, as it should be, wouldn't you want someone who had to work for their degree to take care of you or your loved one someday, or would you rather have someone who just coasted through and got their license from a cereal box? I'll take the hard-worker any day.

    All I'm saying is to hang in there, it gets better as you get more accustomed to the online format and the NCLEX-style questions. Those questions are tough, but it's training us to be prepared for the NCLEX, something that some of the other, easier, for-profit schools don't do very well, and it shows in 1st time pass-rates. It'll pay off in the end. You'll do fine if you and your classmates keep a positive attitude and lean on eachother for support along the way.

    The program has already come a long way since it's inception in 2009, and will continue to get better if people like you and I work to make it better. Give your feedback to nursing coordinator there to help make positive changes, we have a unique opportunity to help mold a new program into something great.

    Also, without having to attend on-campus lectures at specific times, you'll have a BSN in less than 16 months... Indiana's only online 16-month BSN program, and you're a part of it. Can't complain about that...
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    Is this accelerated program at Marian CCNE OR NLNAC accreditted ?
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    Yes. It's the same as the on-campus accelerated program that Marian's had for years, it's just an online format.
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    Do you guys think it prepares you well for the Nclex exam?
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    Certainly hope so. First graduates had 100% pass-rate on first try...
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    where did you get the statistics? do you think a lot of people apply there?

    do you think that getting an BSN from them matters when you apply to a job?
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    Statistics are just because the initial class was small, and I knew them. I think most hospitals are moving toward the BSN requirement, and if you want to go on and get a MSN, you'll need the BSN first. Most management positions require BSN. So it really just matters what avenue you want to pursue in nursing.
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    You definitely sound frustrated! I've also just finished my 3rd semseter. I have been very fortunate to endure the nursing journey with a friend in the accelerated nursing program at another school in Indianapolis. My brother is also in a traditional nursing program in Indianapolis, while my mother just completed her LPN to RN at another school. Having heard their different nursing school experiences, I agree completely with COPA in saying that ALL nursing programs can be challenging.

    The Marian University for St Vincent program has improved as we've progressed. The program is just an online and accelerated version of the traditional Marian Nursing program. In fact most of the instructors of the didactic portion of the program have been teaching at the school for a long time in the traditional program. Having spoken to other students who have started after me I can attest to the fact that it has improved and the classes are growing.

    Another issue that I have personally had, is that nursing school is nothing like anything I had ever done before. It is not like any other education I have had before. It does take some adjustment. The test questions are challenging but I have found that they teach you a new way of thinking. I have noticed a significant improvement in my scores on NCLEX type questions as the program has progressed. Which part are you currently in? What field did you come from, if you do not mind me asking?

    I have had to work during the program. If I could do anything differently I would have worked less. Do you work? I certainly remember the days in Med-Surg 1 when I thought it could not get any worse. Looking back at it these were foundational courses. Once you're in Med-Surg 2 and thereafter it gets better.

    I also knew one of the students who was in the first online Marian program. He also found nursing school to be challenging. He also passed his boards on the first attempt. Hang in there!
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