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  1. I am going to be applying to Marian University's Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program in March 2013 for the May 2013 cohort. I am currently taking the 3 pre-req's I need, and am taking those through Marion.
    I need advice on this program and how well it is structured/organized. Older posts from when the program originated suggest it was disorganized and many did not have a good experience. Is it better now, and what is the NCLEX pass rate?
    If a current student or recent grad could give me some advice, it would be much appreciated!
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    Moved to the Indiana State Nursing Programs forum for more of a response.
  4. by   yesterdayschild
    Hey there!

    I'm a current student at Marian in the ABSN program, I'll be graduating in December. Regarding the experience, I think its better than it used to be but I think to some extent all nursing programs are sometimes disorganized. I recently spoke with someone who graduated from IUPUI's and she said theirs was super disorganized too.

    As far as classes go, some instructors are wonderful, some are not great. They are all online classes so you have to put in the work if you want to see results. I would recommend getting a study group together if you learn well that way, asking for help when you need it and reaching out to the Prof. The main disorganization I see is with our clinical groups, they often change at least once. Yes its annoying, but I've heard that it happens at other schools too. As far as clinicals all of the clincial instructors I've interacted with are wonderful! They are nurses with lots of experience who really know their stuff.

    As far as NCLEX pass rates, I've heard its high (like over 90%) but I'm not sure the exact number. Also the accelerated program has a super high rate of students who get hired directly on at St. V, so the job security is pretty nice.

    PM me if you have other specific questions!
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    Hey Jriner!

    How is the program going? I am hoping to start in AUG and I feel like I'm constantly bugging the advisor with so many questions. They wouldn't take my anatomy class so I too am taking 3 pre-req's starting in April ( ANT, CHEM and THL).

    Could you give me some insight on how the first semester is going? I'm very interested in the first clinical portion. For this section do you have to go to the hospital on the weekends? I have a wedding I'm suppose to be in during the 10th week of the program and I am kinda freaking out it might not work.

    Oh and any other info/advice would be amazing!!
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    I got accepted to the program, but DANG, over $50k for the BSN?! I couldn't stomach it even thought it was very enticing.
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    Quote from misstori
    I got accepted to the program, but DANG, over $50k for the BSN?! I couldn't stomach it even thought it was very enticing.
    Same here. Accepted, but the cost is prohibitive. Can't afford it.