LPN to RN Ivy Tech Kokomo??

  1. Currently in LPN school, graduate 8-7-09. Thinking of taking pre reqs for Ivy Tech ASN program, in fall 09.
    Anyone have any idea what pre reqs I will need to take?
    I have English, math, Psych, and Soc. from 16 yrs ago. Is it possible to test out of those classes since Im sure they are too old to transfer?
    Also do they off the pre reqs online? If so anyone taken them on line? If so do you reccomend them?

    Thanks so much

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  3. by   RespiratoryGirl011
    I am also taking classes in Kokomo, but the I think the pre req's are the same for every campus. Since you're in the LPN program, you have already taken ANP, ENG 111, and PSY. You will also need ENG 211 or 112, SOC 111 or PSY 201, MATH, COMM, and 2 additional science classes. I took SOC online in the summer of 08 and it wasn't too difficult. The nursing curricula is listed on ivy tech's website.

    Hope that helps!
  4. by   wishNhopeNdreamN
    I'm not in the transition program, but I am in the part-time ASN in Logan. I have taken most of my co reqs on line except micro which I took at Logan last semester and Advanced physio now at Logan. However I do think those are available online to do online as well. I just chose to do those in the classroom.

    I thought the online classes were great. I'm finishing my co reqs by taking my life skills class this summer online. Then my last 3 semesters I can concentrate on only the nursing core.

    If you have any specific questions about online co reqs I'd be happy to try and answer them

    Good Luck to you.