LPN/RN transition dillema

  1. Howdy,
    I received a letter from South Bend Ivy Tech that I was accepted into the LPN program for January 2008. The thing is, I had given them my app for the LPN and the RN as well and they were supposed to hold them until the selection for Fall 08, as I was hoping to get into the Fall RN program. The LPN was just a backup.
    If I accept this spring program, I would get my LPN license after completion of the courses in Dec 2008.
    But...the application for the transition program, I am pretty sure, is due in November 2008 for a May 2009 program. The application requires the LPN proof of license be attached.
    This would mean I would have to wait until the May 2010 transition program and wouldn't receive my RN until 2011!!!
    I have a call in to the Chair in SB but she won't be in until next Monday. I am certain I would have the opportunity to tell her that there was an oversight and they would resubmit this app in the fall, but then on the other hand, I am reluctant to pass it up.

    Does anyone know if they have changed their app deadline in SB for the transition program?
    Has anyone had them accept an app with the proof of license forthcoming?
    I am trying to stick with Ivy Tech since my prereqs are met except BIO, which I was going to take this spring. If I go anywhere else for the transition, or the whole program, then I will have to take additional courses required of that particular school.
    Any advice would be deeply appreciated.
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