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I'm doing pretty well but I just want to gradute asap and make some money. I've been thinking about applying for BSN at Nursing schools in several campuses and several others but stumbled upon the idea of Community Colleges.... Read More

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    I am not sure where or what you mean by "points"?
    I never had any of my advisors mention this to me. They just signed me up for the correct classes that I needed and then I signed myself up for the rest on line as I was also PT.
    The Micro that I am currently taking can transfer to IU. ( I looked into that before taking it) and its counts as a course for my BSN.
    True, Ivy Tech does not offer BSN. But one can get that on line in 18 months.
    Sounds like you had a horrid experience with FW.
    When I put my app in for transitional in Indy, I did not get a good feeling right off the bat. The secretary was abrupt, nonhelpful and told me that I had to fill in the spots that said" office use only" before she would accept it. Egads........I did get accepted there but declined them immediatly. Yet others love the campus.

    Where as Columbus, one lady walked me through the whole school to make sure that all my records were in the right place for my application. I was very impressed.
    But I am curious about those " points" as I have never heard of them and I have been there PT for 18 months and start full time in May.


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    I went to Ivy Tech in 03 and I dont know if the "points" had an official name or not, we just refered to them as points.
    But to get into clinical, they looked at GPA/TEAS ( but when I went it was the NET test--similar format to the TEAS ) and how many "points" you had.
    A&P 1 and 2 were worth 3 points. English-communications and psych were worth 1 point. Chemistry and Advanced A&P3 were worth 4 points, Micro I think was worth 3. So you had for example as I dont remember the exact number say 16 points total. So to get into the nursing program and start clinicals they went wtih TEAS score/GPA and how many "points".
    I had a high TEAS/NET, in fact higher than any of my friends. a pretty good GPA, at least 3.25 if not 3.5. but only had 10 or 12 points.
    So I was told I had to get my points up. I still had not taken the 3rd A&P or the chemistry or micro, but was sched to take them in Spring or Summer, I dont recall now, but they pick the Fall nursing class in Jan/Feb --because I do remember now, I was in the Micro, and was getting an A, but since grades wouldnt come out till May, it didnt matter, I was not allowed those points in Feb.
    So that meant, I would not get in that Fall. I would have to wait till Fall of the following year. and I had no other classes to take!!! I was done, but since I waited to take my higher point classes at the end, I burned myself. Had I have taken those 1st vs the English and or Communications class that were only worth 1 point each, I didnt have enough.
    So I transfered the following Fall.....then apparently the wait list dwindled, because after I transfered they called me that January to tell me I was in for the following Fall.

    I have seen post about Ivy Tech on here now and I think they have thier points thing down to just 4 pre-reqs.
    FYI when I began at Ivy Tech it was the 1st year they offered an ASN program, so I may give them a tad benifit of the doubt for not being up to par. I am sure they had some bugs to work out.
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    I think you do mean the scores from the 4 pre-req's from what I gather from your post.
    When I went to the nursing meeting, we were told that we would all be assigned to our clinicals when we go for oritenation ( which is next week)! yeehaw!!!
    If you still need, say Chem to be done, they sceduule you in class for that, the same for other co-req's if you still need to do them.
    They won't let you apply if you do not have those grades from the completed 4 co-req's.

    How times have changed!

    I am just thankful we don't have to wear white! OMG we had to wear all white dresses, pantyhose, white shoes and that godforsaken huge HAT when I went to school in 1991 for my LPN. The darn thing kept getting caught on the railings of the beds as I knelt down to empty a cath!

    yehaw! B-town is going with black pants, a white short sleved top and a white tunic.

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    When I went there were no Co-reqs. All of the pre-reqs had a point system applied to them. Those points were used to get in.

    On the flip side, by the time I finally got into clinicals I was done with everything, except micro(because it didnt transfer) that all I had to worry about was my nursing classes/clinicals. I took Micro with Fundamentals, so it wasnt too hard.

    I shudder to think of taking Patho or pharm along with a nursing class/clinical.
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    I believe when you applied in 2003 that not all campuses were standard in the way they chose canidates. My School did not even require a TEAS in 2003.

    I believe as of last year all were required to switch to a more standard procedure for selecting canidates. Points are given for each pre req by grade, and the TEAS score is figured in to rank the canidates. Also, points are given for attending region of residence. I believe all Ivy Techs now it do this way.

    It sounds like FW when you went did not have their act together.I understand why you would be somewhat bitter about your experience, but I don't feel it is fair to hold against Ivy Tech for what they have since fixed. Making things more standard across the board allows for more fairness in the system. FW campus may be totally different then when you were last there. Just my .02
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    I live in Northwest Indiana and I know the Ivy Tech's up this way have a very poor reputation. Nurses who work w/their students or their graduates talk about how poorly prepared they are. So just because their NCLEX pass rate may be high doesn't mean it is a solid program preparing nurses to be nurses once the RN is behind their name.

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