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  1. hi! i am a pca/cna who works in and will be attending iun in indiana, but i live in illinois!:spin:
    i hear a lot about ivy tech at work, some of the younger girls are going to be going there. hat kind of school is it and where is it located??
    i am registered at iun, and supposed to start the bsn program in fall08, but i like to have as much info. as possible.
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  3. by   jackson145
    Ivy Tech has several locations. Bloomington, Indianapolis, Columbus, Evansville, Terre Haute, Anderson. There's a bunch more but that's all I can remember.
    I can only speak for Ivy Tech Bloomington.
    It has an ASN program and a LPN program that start every spring and fall. Each summer there is a LPN to RN bridge program.
    Right now they take about 3-4 times as many in the LPN program as the RN program. LPN is 2 semesters and RN is 4.
    If you start in the spring you do a summer semester and if you start in the fall you get the summer off.
    We don't have a waiting list. Admission is based on your grades from 4 pre-reqs and your score on the TEAS.
    Hope that helps! Anymore questions, just let me know.
  4. by   Billsgirl
    thank you!
    i will look into it, can never have too much info. on schools!!:spin:
  5. by   ProspectiveRN01
    Can anyone post a sample schedule of their classes for the ASN program at Ivy Tech, such as times and dates? Just getting an idea of whether to keep my full time job on the weekends. Thanks
  6. by   jackson145
    1st semester

    M,T,W,Th 8-10 Fundamentals lecture 1st 6 wks
    W,Th 12-2:45 Fundamentals lab wst 6 wks
    F 9-12 Pharmacology whole 16 wks

    M,T 8-11:15 Med/Surg lab last 10 wks
    W 8-11:15 Med/Surg lecture last 10 wks
    Th 7-4:45 Med/Surg Clinical last 10 wks
  7. by   StudentNurseAndi
    I am in my second semester of clinicals, ASN. My schedule is:

    Tues, clinical 0630-1830
    wednesday, 2 lectures 1030-1630
    thursday, med/surg II 1300-1630

    Then starting March 10 I go to OB/peds rotation so I only have 1 lecture starting then. BTW, the lpn program is 3 semesters, not 2 as you have to go all summer for the 3rd semester.
  8. by   littlemamakt
    Thank you so much for your posts about your schedules! I hate that it is all such a mystery. That's not so bad. I was making it out to be so much worse.

    Well, gotta go to bed. I'm taking the TEAS in the morning! :zzzzz