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Ivy Tech Indy Acceptance Letter - page 2

Hello. I just got an acceptance letter from Ivy Tech Indianapolis. I was just wondering if anyone else out there got one? Would like to talk and maybe make friends. FYI, I got all As and an 88... Read More

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    I'm waiting to hear from Gary Ivy Tech for Spring 08 RN program. Anyone else heard anything yet?
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    Congrats to ALL, I didn't get into Indy, BUT I got into Columbus....:spin:
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    Congratulations! I have been reading these posts for about two weeks, ever since I became a member. I was accepted into the Indianapolis RN program for the fall. I am very excited. I am also nervous because I have no past experience with the medical field. In fact, I just graduated high school last year. Anyone have any idea what the nursing program is like? Any hints or tips are appreciated.