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Anyone gone through the ASN program here? I am currently looking into applying. I am finishing up my pre-req's this semester at IUPUI and plan on taking the TEAS soon. I was just curious as to how hard it is to get accepted. ... Read More

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    Quote from Ceteris Paribus
    Keep in mind that with Ivy Tech they have MULTIPLE locations. If you are willing and able to commute you can increase your odds of being accepted by applying to multiple programs. For example someone living in Central Indiana could apply to Ivy Tech's ASN programs in Richmond, Columbus, Muncie, Kokomo, Bloomington and of course Indianapolis all the while staying within about 60 to 75 minutes drive time each way. Also, if you don't make the ASN program you COULD also apply to the LPN programs (which only take 1 year) and then immediately upon graduation apply into the LPN to ASN transition program (with an excellent chance of being accepted since you would only be competing against other transition applicants). I have only recently started the Indianapolis ASN program, but can tell you that the attitude of the faculty is outstanding. Their dedication makes you WANT to work harder as a student.

    I do think that it would be helpful if the various Ivy Tech campuses PUBLISHED their the average number of applicants, average GPA's and TEAS scores of each accepted class. This would give prospective students valuable information in deciding if they had a realistic chance of being accepted or if maybe their time would be better spent pursuing other options (or possibly somewhere in between). More information is better for EVERYONE and I was unable to get this data even when I asked during one of the school's information sessions (which you are required to attend before you can apply.).

    I had a question about this, even though I know it was posted several years ago now. Perhaps somebody will see it? I have the ivy tech nursing application for central Indiana (Lawrence campus in Indianapolis). I physically went into the school of nursing to pick up the application. I wanted to apply to multiple campuses, especially because I live near Anderson and Muncie, but do I need to physically go into those offices to obtain their nursing application checklist? Or can I just get away with mailing the verification of advisement form, copy of all transcripts, copy of TEAS test results, etc. The application checklist I have is specific to Lawrence Campus. I did not see online any posted application checklists for any of the campuses. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Skittles, I'd call the other campuses at which you want to apply and ask them. Call the nursing offices specifically, of course. I can't answer your question, since I only applied at Indy. (I'm set to graduate Spring 2013.)
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    Quote from CantWait2Nurse
    Honey let me tell you. I was at Ivy Tech for a while and it's enough to make you jump off the roof. They take 80 people in the fall and 80 in the spring. About 1500 apply for each spot. Before you even apply you have to have perfect scores in your pre-reqs and very good scores on your TEAS. Even with perfect scores with those numbers you stll may not get in simply because of space. Then you go on a waiting list for 1-3 years. If you have the time and the patience then it's a really good school if you dont mind waiting. If you can stick it out I suggest doing so cause you cant beat the cost of the program. I couldn't wait, so I had to go elsewhere because I needed the money.
    Obviously this post is old, but i couldn't leave it alone. I can only pray that this wasn't used in anyone's decision making process as these numbers are absolutely insane. The Indy campus now only accepts 120 students a cycle, 60 LPN and 60 RN, but I'll go ahead and do the math with the figures given. With 160 spots (80/80) and "1500 applicants for each spot" you're talking a total of 240,000 applicants. Lets put this in perspective. Harvard Business School (HBA) gets more MBA applicants than any school in the world. For the class of 2012 they received a total of 9,524 applications. This user is claiming that Ivy Tech, an associate degree (max) community college receives 25 times more applications than HBA. If this were true, as someone who is in nursing school, I feel pretty dumb for not applying to HBA.The reason I'm taking the time to type this is because I'm sick of all the nonsense regarding this program. I'm sure there are 100 others across the US with equally absurd "rumor mills", but this gets ridiculous. Many times you get people that didn't or couldn't put in the work, can't get in, and then blow it out of proportion to justify their shortcomings. If what you're hear seems out there, it's probably not true.Nursing school isn't easy, but it's far from impossible. If you are willing to put in the time, you can make it. The next time someone posts something crazy ignore it and grab your A&P book.Best of luck to you!

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