Ivy Tech Anderson Spring 2018 hopeful

  1. Hello, I am an LPN currently applying to the Anderson Ivy Tech PN to ASN program. Is there anyone else here that has applied or that has applied in the past and gotten in? What was your overall score? I have a 118 and I am afraid that may not be enough.
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  3. by   Kristina212
    I applied to Anderson as well with a score of 119 and I'm super nervous about getting in. I have been checking my email like crazy! Then I realized that they don't even start the slection process until the 8th lol. Good luck!
  4. by   Kpoole1855
    I have been checking my email too...even though I know they don't start selection until tomorrow. My points are 118.07. I have a C in English, A in psych and B in A&P 1. I got an 78% on the TEAS. I could kick myself for the C (I got that in 2003). I should've tried to retake it. If I don't get into Anderson, I will apply for Marion, Muncie and New Castle.
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  5. by   missvalerie93
    Hi all,

    I am in the same boat as you all-I am stressing out to the max!! I was in an ABSN program at Marian, but left due to numerous reasons. I applied for Ivy Tech Lawrence, Anderson and Kokomo. I had an A and two B's for pre-reqs, but my TEAS score wasn't as high as I would have liked. I'm scared I won't make it, but I am hoping and praying! Good luck!!
  6. by   Kpoole1855
    I received my offer letter today and I have accepted!!!!
  7. by   panther6
    kpoole1855 are you accepted to the lpn transition at anderson campus? goodluck!
  8. by   Kpoole1855
    Yes, I was accepted into the Anderson transition program.
  9. by   panther6
    see you there kpoole1855 I'm accepted too! do you work around anderson nursing homes? good luck to us! when is the orientation?
  10. by   missvalerie93
    I received my acceptance letter for the ASN at Indianapolis-congrats to all!!!
  11. by   Kpoole1855
    Congrats everyone! @panther6, I am a clinical liaison for one of the LTC companies in Anderson. I'm not sure when orientation is...they are supposed to send out something after the last round selections on Sept. 22nd.

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