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First is anyone from the MUncie region (east central). I was curious if any has taken the TEAS test? I have took it twice. I talked to my advisor and she said that last session the people that got in their tests ranged from high... Read More

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    Yeah...I know how that goes. I am a Nursing student at Eastern Kentucky. Its hard enough just to take care of myself. Couldn't imagine with 2 small kids. I didn't know you were already a CNA. Good luck in nursing school!!

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    Hello there,

    I just took the TEAS test today, and only got a 79% composite score. I have 2 A's and 2 B's for the prereq's. So I obviously think I need to study more and try and do better on the TEAS. I am from Muncie and applying for the transition LPN-RN program starting in May 2008. How did you do on the TEAS? What advisor told you these scores from last session? I was too afraid to ask.

    Thanks for any info and GOOD LUCK!
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    Well...I got into the LPN program with an 80% 3 A's and one B. There is less competition in the transitional program(i have heard). The cut off score for the RN program last semester was in the 90's and there were several ties. Angie in the office told me this. I think your will be fine, but you have three times to take it. Gook Luck!!!
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    They only took 10 of us for the Spring '08 RN program at Bloomington Ivy Tech. I know the first alternate for the program had a 4.0 (all A's on pre-reqs) and scored 86% on her TEAS. I got an 88% the first time I took it because my chemical science pulled my score down. After taking ANP 101, I took it again and scored a 91%. I think that first chapter on the chemical basis of life helped my score more than anything. I've heard of a few people that have trouble with the English and Reading portions, but it seems like most of us struggle with the Math and Science portions. 95% is the highest anyone has ever scored at the Bloomington Ivy Tech and that was a professor.

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