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Hey Ivy Tech people (TEAS) - page 2

First is anyone from the MUncie region (east central). I was curious if any has taken the TEAS test? I have took it twice. I talked to my advisor and she said that last session the people that got in... Read More

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    They only took 10 of us for the Spring '08 RN program at Bloomington Ivy Tech. I know the first alternate for the program had a 4.0 (all A's on pre-reqs) and scored 86% on her TEAS. I got an 88% the first time I took it because my chemical science pulled my score down. After taking ANP 101, I took it again and scored a 91%. I think that first chapter on the chemical basis of life helped my score more than anything. I've heard of a few people that have trouble with the English and Reading portions, but it seems like most of us struggle with the Math and Science portions. 95% is the highest anyone has ever scored at the Bloomington Ivy Tech and that was a professor.