Courses to take that will transfer for BSN?

  1. I was just rereading an old thread and saw that someone suggested adding a course that I don't necessarily need now, but that will transfer as a required course for the BSN. I honestly wouldn't mind taking out the two 1 and 2 credit courses for next semester and just making it one 3 credit class. Make sense? Sorry if this is confusing.

    So without spending hours online trying to figure this out, does anyone know which courses Ivy Tech offers that will be useful when I eventually pursue my BSN at IUPUI? I think I read Econ 101, but are there any more?
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  3. by   kgle
    Auugh nevermind.

    This stupid 1 credit IVYT class is screwing everything up. I still have to take 5 darn classes next semester to be considered full time because of that class. I might as well keep the ones I have and be done with it.
  4. by   stupidcancer
    IUSON's website is fantastic. It has very detailed descriptions of exactly what courses you would need and between Ivy Tech and IUSON's sites you should be able to tell which would transfer. There are some courses that are standardized to transfer all over the state, and you can find those at (might be org). You can look at tracks for BSN, ABSN, and MSN programs so that you can make your plan. HTH