Bio Major wanting to Switch, Need Advice

  1. I am currently going into my senior year majoring in Biology. I will have to take summer classes in order to graduate on time but if I do this then I will have my BS in Biology by the end of summer 2013. My dilemma is that I now want to go into nursing because I don't know what I would do with a bio degree. The only problem is, I feel like I am wasting the time and money spent on my bio degree if i dont finish it because I am only 30 credits away from it.

    My two options are this: 1) finish out the bio degree (will receive at end of summer 2013) and THEN apply to accelerated programs (in Indiana, thats where I live), or 2) switch my major to nursing now (which would mean staying at my current university for good), finish my prereqs over the next year, apply to nursing school for fall 2013 admission, and then do 3 years of nursing school.

    Both plans end with me getting a BSN but I can't decide which one will be better for me! Do I finish out my degree? Or should I just switch now and not look back?

    Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated as I have been going back and forth for over a year now and I HAVE to register for classes now because they start next week. Thanks for the help!!
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