April Nursing Information Session- Ivy Tech - page 2

Is anyone here attending this session? I have a while to go obviously, but I wanted to get it out of the way while I can. I am always pretty nervous about being in a big group by myself and not... Read More

  1. by   obicurn
    You've got it right! I know last year, they had and evening/weekend option also. They didn't get the grant for it this year though. Boooo!!

    Getting everything done before entry is definitely the way to go. I did that and I'm so glad all I will have to focus on is nursing classes.
  2. by   kgle
    I think I would end up killing myself if I have more co reqs to complete while in nursing school! Its going to be hard enough finding a way to work while doing clinicals, actually seeing my son, and being okay with the courseload without having to have more classes on top of it! 13 credit hours scares me!

    That's good though. At first I thought that if you apply in August, you would start in fall, so that makes me happy that I can apply earlier, start earlier, and also have everything finished by the time I get into nursing school! Thanks!
  3. by   obicurn
    Good luck!!!!