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    I am new here and wondering if anyone can explain to me the procedure for admissions at USF. I am currently taking the rest of the gen ed courses at COD and will be done in time to start in the fall. Now, here is where I am confused. I spoke to someone at USF who told me that as long as I had over a 2.0(which is just general university requirments for a transfer) that I would be admitted to the school. Next, I would need to take the "pre-nursing" courses in the Fall of 08 and then if my GPA is over a 2.75, I would be admitted to clinicals.

    My questions are, if I am admitted to the university( I have over a 2.0 and have already applied) does that mean I will be admitted to the "pre-nursing" courses? The paperwork they sent me says that you need over a 2.75 in the gen eds to be admitted for the pre-nursing but their website states that you just need a 2.75 to be admitted for clinicals. Also, if I have to apply now, without my gen eds being complete, what are they basing their decision on? I won't be done with the rest of the courses until August(which is the deadline) but I am applying now. I am confused about what exactly I need to be admitted as a prenursing major.

    I have a meeting with the nursing director this week but was wondering if any students here could explain this to me!

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  3. by   Servingshots
    Did you end up getting in? I applied for the Fall2010...If you got in I would love to hear from you
  4. by   amy1129
    Hey! I just started at St. Francis this spring and I absolutlely love it. I'll try and explain how I understood the admissions process...okay first you apply to the school and need to be accepted. Then, to apply for the nursing program, I was told I would needed to have atleast a 2.75 and I believe a 75 on the TEAS. After all the applications for the semester are received, the nursing board sits down and decides who gets accepted into the nursing coures. I am currently taking pathophysiology, concepts of professional nursing, health and aging, theolgy, and health promotions. In April, the nursing board sits down again and they look at your gpa, which has to be atleast a 2.75, and decide whether or not you can start clinicals the following semester. I hope this helped

    Good luck and if you have any questions feel free to ask!!
  5. by   Servingshots
    Well I just got back frm USF for their nursing visit day...and jeff chiapello gave me hope that I will get in so I guess I'll just have to be patient and are the classes for the first semester...are they hard? Any tips you can provide will be appreciated! Also what teachers do u recomend for the classes u are taking right now?...thanks soo much!
  6. by   amy1129
    When I signed up for classes I didn't get a choice of teachers, it was either pick block A or block B. I believe A block was an afternoon schedule and block B was morning. I really like all my teachers so far, except one...the staff has been extremely helpful and they want to do everything they can to help you succeed. Health and Aging is pretty nice because it's only an 8 week course, so, I'll be done with it in another two weeks. Patho is VERY time consuming, but it's not too bad, just a lot of information. I would definitely recommend a dry erase calendar's been a life saver so far. To be honest, this semester isn't as hard as I thought it would be, being organized has really helped.
  7. by   Servingshots
    did you take patho the first semester there? what classes did you take that spring?
    Did you have to take the theology class? what teacher did you take it with...I was thinking about the oonline class if I get in?
  8. by   amy1129
    This is my first semester...I'm taking concepts of professional nursing, health and aging, health promotions, pathophysiology, and theology. I wanted to take theology online, but it was full I would recommend taking it in the first semester though and getting it out of the way...I really didn't know if I would be overwhelmed, because I didn't know what to expect, but it's not bad. I have Fr. Bacchi, he's a really good guy, I don't have a bad thing to say about him.
  9. by   Servingshots
    Do u know anything about the online class b/c I would waay rather do I'm talking as if I'm already in...I'm just so nervous about acceptance...what was ur gpa and teas score If u don't mind sharing just so I can compare my chances of getting in...
  10. by   amy1129
    I'm sure you'll get in! My scores were kind of low...I had a 3.3 and an 80 on the teas. It really depends more on the gpa and teas scores of the people applying with you...a lot of the people in my class scored between a 77-80, one had a 94 on the teas and their gpas were between 3.1-3.4.
  11. by   Servingshots
    I hope so! my transfering gpa is a 3.2 and I got an 81 on the teas, I guess I just have to wwait then.

    If I do get in I would love to contact you and maybe purchase your books from you and maybe get some tips and advice?
  12. by   trying to be a nurse
    did you get in - would love to hear how it is going

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