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Has anyone heard if you've gotten an interview yet? Starting to get anxious!!... Read More

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    Hi its nice to meet everyone who is going through the same process! I found out on the 22nd that I have a interview for the Mental Health Nurse practitioner specialty. Any one else out there received an interview for that specialty?

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    I still haven't heard anything yet. I applied to the WHNP and I am so nervous. I want this so badly and each day I don't hear anything just gets me more anxious...
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    Hopefully no news is good news!?! Hang in there,...much easier said than done, I know. Hopefully you will hear something SOON!!
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    WordGirl- I'm sorry that you're getting so anxious but I am relieved to hear that you haven't heard anything yet, either! I also applied to WHNP and haven't heard anything... I wonder why this specialty is taking so much longer to inform us about interviews?
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    Thanks Guys!

    SimplySam-It's nice to meet another WHNP applicant. I've heard that many people apply to this specialty in particular so maybe thats why? Fingers cross we both hear something soon.
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    I also applied to WHNP and I'm still waiting...I've been under the assumption that no news is bad news, but hopefully that's not the case and they are just being incredibly slow. Glad to know I'm not the only one!
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    Has anyone heard about the interview process as far as the "group format" for acute care goes?
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    Hi ABosslet (and anyone else this may help),

    I'm in the GEP program right now and I can only speak from my experience (Adult/Geriatric NP) and my friends who are in the Acute and Peds NP track. I, along with Acute, had group interviews of 4 people at a time. And Pediatrics had one on one. So it depends on your specialty. All the faculty is very welcoming so just be prepared as to why YOU want to get into nursing. Let me know if you have any questions. Hope this helps ease some nerves!
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    Thank you for your quick reply. I figured that would obviously be the main focus, but I wasn't positive about specifics because I have never had a group interview before.
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    I say that only because (if in a group interview) you will all answer the same questions after one another so it's easier to avoid getting tongue-tied if you are very specific to why you want it. They will also more than likely ask how you plan on dealing with the intensity of the program. But I'm sure you will all do a great. And any specific questions you have I'd be more than happy to try and answer them for you. Good Luck!!

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