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  1. Hello,

    Does any work or have worked at the hospital or one of the clinics as an RN or LPN? How was it? I've heard they have good benefits, how good are they? Can anyone shed some light?

    I am thinking of interviewing for an LPN job for one of the ambulatory clinics.

    Thank you
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  3. by   oncrn17
    I have a friend who works there and she has been there over 20 years. They pay a few dollars an hour less, but make it up in benefits! She gets all the state holidays like Washington's BD, President's Day, Columbus Day, Pulaski Day, etc. because it is a state hospital (as is Oak Forest Hospital). She also pays less in benefits ($11 up from $9 for single insurance premiums) and has the usual vacation time as other hospitals. They have a great pension for retirement, too. Hope this helps.
  4. by   LJUN71
    I've worked in the County system going on 12 years now, both as an Lpn and RN. Yes the pay is less than other hospitals, but the benefits are good. They just went up on the health insurance, but its still nothing to cry over compared to other facilities. I went from $16/month to $32/month for me and my family's health insurance. Im happy with my job. Im at Oak Forest now and love it there compared to Stroger, but their not hiring Lpn's from my understanding. We only have maybe less than 10 lpn's there. I hope the info helps, your sure to get in at Stroger.
  5. by   BlessedbyGod
    Thank you to the both of you on your input. Though I did get a call for an ambulatory interview I decided not to take due to the low pay, I know I can make at least 6 dollars more elsewhere. I was also offered a different position elsewhere.

    I do know as an RN the county pays good, but for LPN's it's low. Not saying that I'm never going to work there, just not now.

    Thank you much!

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