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Hi. I'm a college student who is looking at schools to transfer to in Chicago. Does anyone recommend any nursing schools in that area? Thanks.... Read More

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    UIC is a really good nursing school and competitive to get in.

    Rush only has master's programs now. They discontinued all of their undergrad nursing programs..the present class is the last cohort.

    Loyola is good for nursing as well, but transfering into their BSN program is competitive. They only accept transfers if someone from their original class (starting from their freshman year) drops out.

    Many people go to community colleges for their associate's degree, but as someone stated, many of the schools have waiting lists. Most hospitals in Chicago will hire nurses with associate's degrees, but FYI, Rush University Medical Center isn't anymore...have to have bachelor's.

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    Can someone please help me!!! I am a medical assistant looking to start the pre reqs for nursing and don't knoe if I should go to Morraine Valley, KK College or Daley College????? How many semesters do I have to take to finish the pre reqs????
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    hi!! so it may take you 1 yr or so to finish the pre reqs if you're trying to get into a city college nursing program for your ADN. If you're trying to do a BSN program it may take longer depending on the school. hope this helps. what nursing program are you trying to get into?

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