Rush GEM Summer 2013

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    Anyone getting their application ready or already submitted? November 1st will be here sooner than we think! Super excited and cannot wait to officially apply! Taking organic chemistry now and looking for an online nutrition course to complete pre-reqs and working on 2 more letters of recommendations...whew....anyone else?

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    yay the deadline was extended! now we have until december!
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    Submitted and invited for an interview already.
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    Also got an interview. Looks like well hear more after January 2nd.
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    congrats!!! were you both given interview dates already?
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    Yep, I heard back sometime around December 9th. I submitted by application around December 1st. They said they would give more information regarding interviews sometime after January 2nd.
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    I heard the same thing nervous! Already rcv'd acceptance at another school, seems like Rush takes forever! The website says decision by March but that seems like short notice for a May start. Has anyone had luck finding the average GPA and other qualifications of current students accepted to the program?

    Good luck everyone!
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    Congrats! I think the gpa was something like 3.25 but I'm not sure. I submitted sometime in October so my nerves are totally shot! Lol
    Good luck : )
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    Almost interview time!!!!!!! Bundle of nerves over here- how are you all managing the wait?
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    My interview is tomorrow! So nervous, but i can do it, really need this.....

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