Rush GEM Summer 2013 - page 4

Anyone getting their application ready or already submitted? November 1st will be here sooner than we think! Super excited and cannot wait to officially apply! Taking organic chemistry now and... Read More

  1. by   staysea13
    This is what I'm talkin about!! Stacey Hibler - let us know the group Can't wait for May, hope the time flies!
  2. by   sdca
    It's up! Just search "Rush GEM Summer 2013"!
  3. by   Thesis major
    I don't see it. Could you post the link? Thanks.
  4. by   naysando
    Hi everyone...I'm just wondering if anyone has bought scrubs yet? If so what colors do we need? Thanks! Renee
  5. by   staysea13
    The students have to order our scrub tops through the school (we will get info soon I think) and the pants are a dark kelly green. I think you can buy any brand you like.
  6. by   naysando
    Ok thanks!
  7. by   naysando
    here is our facebook group link----thank you for starting this : )
  8. by   3141592
    I'm in. Looking forward to meeting you folks soon.
  9. by   Pd31
    Hi, I'm applying for the 2014 summer start and I was wondering if anyone can post their stats if they were accepted! Thanks
  10. by   Pd31
    can anyone post their stats if they were accepted last yr? please & thanks
  11. by   naysando
    Hi- I'm in cohort 11 and I can tell you we are very varied : )
    Everyone has come from a different background : art, psych, sports med, business so pretty much the only thing in common is a strive for excellence and a desire to help others.
    All students have to meet the same criteria.
    I was lucky enough to have a gpa of 3.99 so I was able to skip the gre but some students have taken it and have gotten in and are doing great.
    I think the main thing that sets us apart from other candidates is our expressed desire to move on in school above and beyond an RN title.
    As one has said- this isn't the place if you just want to be a nurse- this is the place to be better : )

    Hope this helps