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  1. Hello all!

    I have been following posts on allnurses.com for quite some time now, but this will be my first official post. I am graduating this May, and there are many programs that I am interested in applying to. I'm hoping that you all could shed some light on some of the facilities of interest.

    *Top Choice: Ann & Lurie Children's Hospital
    University of Chicago Medical Center - Comer's Children's
    Advocate Hope Children's Hospital
    Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center

    Although I am highly interested in all of these facilities, Children's is ranked #1 on my list, just based on researching the facility. I was hoping that some of you who have been through the RN Residency, or who have worked there as a nurse, would share some information. I would love to do Pediatrics as a New Grad, and any advice is appreciated.

    How would you describe your hospital? What unit do you work on?

    Do you enjoy working there?
    How are the relationships? With co-workers? Nurse-physician? Management?
    What is the interview process like - for those who have been through the RN Residency Program or recently have been interviewed - any recommendations?
    What do you feel made you stand out as an applicant?

    Any advice is appreciated!
    Thank you all in advance!
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  3. by   JQ_RN
    Hey MLB4

    I was wondering, did you ever interview for any of those residency programs? If so do you have any information? Thanks
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  5. by   Cwollenweber
    I'm currently a NS going into my second semester in the fall. What is the RN Residency Program? I plan on going straight into my BSN after graduation.

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