RN in hospital; NO BSN!

  1. Are there any RNs currently working in hospitals in Illinois?
    I am about to start my ADN program this August, and I do [God willing] intend on furthering gmy education to the BSN bridge. Though, I was wondering in the meantime what is the likely hood I would get a job as an RN [adn]. I have heard a hurricane of confusion; some say it is impossibly to get a job in the hospital as a RN [w/o BSN], some say you can work in the hospital, just not the E.R., and a few friends of mine who ARE RNs [adn] work in hospitals such as Palos Community Hospital and MacNeal.

    What's the truth?
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  3. by   pjsmomster
    The truth is it depends on where you are trying to work. There are plenty hospitals that will hire you with an ADN, the catch being they want you to have experience. I know many RN's that worked in nursing homes for 6months and moved to a hospital setting all with ADNs. I even know a few LPN's that have jobs in hospitals (some being in Indiana), even though that is very rare, and they get paid considerably less than they would in a nursing home. Now I have to be clear you won't get a job at Rush, University of Chicago or say UIC with an associate's. Also, in the next 10 years it is suppose to become mandatory for all nurses in hospitals to have BSN so I encourage you to finish.
    Something I forgot to mention, some hospitals will hire you with an ADN as long as you finish your BSN in a set amount of time.
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    I graduated in December from an ADN program. I was immediately hired into the ER as an RN in a small suburban Chicago hospital. Everyone from my clinical group has found a job in a hospital (the last one being this week).

    I was lucky enough to do an externship in the ER where I now work the summer before I graduated. I would definitely recommend trying to get your foot in the door that way, either as an extern, CNA or student nurse.

    Good luck!
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    thanks so much ladies!!!