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Hi all, I am new here and have found the forum to be very informational. I decided to start a thread for Resurrection's fall 2012 applicants. I think it would be good to keep in touch throughout the process, so if you have any... Read More

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    If you go to the resu website and click the current student tab go to the quick links page under the tab and the bookstore is on that page.. If any questions just ask
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    Thank you deshield and storshar!
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    Is anyone else STILL waiting to hear about financial aid? It's getting ridiculous. I have emailed, left a voicemail and called and actually talked to someone, yet still I have made no progress.
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    I haven't heard anything yet either. What did they tell you when you called?
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    That my file hadn't come up in the system automatically. She said she would get started on it. That was last week.
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    Yea I talked to Shirley after calling emailing and leaving numerous voicemails she finally answered when I called!! She was reluctant to give me an answer saying she hasn't gotten to my last name yet and she told me that a month ago and said it would be a week and now it's august... She told me there is 20 ppl in front of my application and I should receive something this week... I'm getting frustrated because I don't know if I was approved for enough financial aid and I need my books still... But what aggravates me more is how many times financial aid has been on vacation this summer and not doing the award letters >
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    I am holding out one more day (today) and then I'm going to start the time-consuming process tomorrow of calling her every 20 minutes until she answers I guess. I know one thing, I can't pay the tuition in full out of pocket, which is what is "due" in my account right now. Avoidable stress is so irritating.
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    Praytotheunicorn let us know what she says because I don't think anyone can pay that tuition in full and I know I can't pay even a quarter of it its ridiculous how financial aid isnt completed when school starts in a few weeks
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    Did anyone here apply for the loan forgiveness program? Has anyone heard back yet? I am anxiously awaiting to hear something!!!

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