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Hi all, I am new here and have found the forum to be very informational. I decided to start a thread for Resurrection's fall 2012 applicants. I think it would be good to keep in touch throughout the... Read More

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    You click each award you want at the right next to it. Then at the bottom of the page there is a button that says "accept all awards" which will accept anything you've checked.
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    You can view your award letter under your student portal under financial aid. The award letter should have the loans, scholarships, grants and the amounts that you accepted or that are pending.
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    Finall recieved my book voucher!!! They accidentally missed my account and so Shirley fixed it ASAP I can't wait till school one more week!!!
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    Storhar whew! Sheesh! I still need to go online and do my payment plan. Gonna do it tomorrow. I can't believe this is about to happen. I ran into the nurse who took care of my dad a few years ago when he had an accident and she said to brace myself and now I'm more worried!
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    Since I just accepted my awards a couple days ago and they haven't come through yet, should I do a payment plan too? I think the awards will be enough to cover tuition, but my balance is still at the full amount for the semester...
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    Do we have to set up a payment plan till our awards come through??? Praytotheunicorn I have ran into nurses that have gone thru the program and they said its the hardest 16 months of your life!!!! I am worried also but I know we all can do this!!!!
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    I think Im going to call the bursars office first thing monday morning. The deadline for a payment plan is ON or before August 20th. We'll see what they say. I was going to do the payment plan today, but it says there is a $50 no-refundable fee. That's $50 I cant afford to just spend if I dont need to. What do you ladies think?
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    Also, I dont think it has sink in yet that Im starting nursing school in a week. I know it will be hard, but I wanted for this moment for like forever...
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    Make sure you go all the way into your financial stuff. It says mine is the full amount too but in small print it says the real amount with financial aid applied.
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    So storshar, do you think hard = good ?
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    Not sure praytotheunicorn I'm hoping hard = good because it is an accelerated program which makes things harder than going regular pace but I have confidence that it will be well worth the extreme work they're going to give us to be fully prepared I heard the school is good and does its job right.... Where exactly does it say the real amount with financial aid applied??? Anni23 let me know if they require a payment plan because I don't have the money lol books and the other school requirements cleaned me out
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    Relax everyone...this program is rigorous but doable--even with a full-time job.

    I just graduated from the E/W program and all 12 of us in the cohort passed NCLEX at first try. You will be taking ATI exams each quarter starting in Pharm and if you pass all of those (you must to proceed to next class), you will likely pass NCLEX as they are modeled after it.

    3 of us had to still work a 40 hr work week while doing the 30+ classroom/clinical/homework hours worth of nursing school. You will work hard and if you do work full time, may lack a social life, but you WILL pass NCLEX.

    Best instructors for E/W--- Professor Laura Lidik and Professor Don Houchins. Request them if at all possible. Also Professor Duff is a phenomenal instructor for OB. Tough, but passionate about OB and very encouraging, particularly if you have her for clinical.

    Good luck everyone !
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    Interesting your cohort was 12 people. I know this term's e/w cohort will be starting with 24. I do wonder how many people will bomb out of the daytime program in the first semester for whatever reason...

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