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  1. Hi everyone,

    I appreciate any help I can get on this manner. I want to apply to DePaul, UIC, Loyola, and Rush for their direct(advanced) entry programs for those w/ Bachelor degrees that are not nurses. I am very interested in becoming a public health NP or my true preference would be a Geriatric NP.

    I am just not sure of my chance at admissions. I received my degree in Biology from Augustana College in 2010 and graduated w/ a 2.8 GPA and my science course GPA was around a 2.4. Since then, I am almost done with my Masters in Public Health at NIU where I have a 3.8. I have taken the GRE for a 2nd time and I got a 1060 with a 4.0 on the writing section.

    Additionally, I am a licensed EMT-B, have worked over 1,000 in a nursing home, work as a research graduate assistant, and have logged a good amount of hours volunteering for the Red Cross. I have also shadowed a Nurse Practitioner.

    I know this info doesnt account for my reference letters, interviews, personal statement, etc. but if anyone could please give me feedback on my potential to any of these programs, I would be SO grateful!
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  3. by   luvs637
    I would say your chances of getting in are pretty high due to your masters GPA and extra-curriculars. When did you take A&P though? Alot of schools would like to see it taken recently and with a good grade...maybe retake A&P to give yourself a little boost.

    What was your GPA on all the pre-reqs?
  4. by   spore2008
    These questions are always tough to answer because no school publishes a listing of their academic profile of the incoming class. I think Rush GEM looks at the last 60 credits as your GPA. I think your GRE scores are about average. Your science prereqs may be on the low side (GPA 2.4). Do you have any prereqs left to take? If you multiple Cs in science classes you may want to consider retaking the class.
    Also, Masters Entry Programs are Generalist Masters. You will earn an MSN but if you want to become an advanced practice nurse (Nurse Practitioner), you will need to get another Masters degree. Also, many schools are eliminating the MSN for Nurse Practitioner and replacing it with a DNP, Doctorate in Nursing Practice, a three year degree.
    When applying, be sure to consider the most cost effective strategy.
    There are many great choices in Chicago.
  5. by   cbrennan1188
    Thank you very much for replying. My anatomy and physiology grades are B- and B respectively. taken about 3 years ago.

    Spore2008, could you tell me the best choices in Chicago for me with no nursing and wanting to be an NP? Any direct DNP programs?
  6. by   spore2008
    I only applied to the Rush GEM and DePaul MENP programs. Both are graduate entry masters programs and not nurse practitioner programs. I know that UIC has a combined degree program and both Rush and DePaul encourage education continuation through their schools following completion of the generalist masters. Both schools offer nurse practitioner degrees.
    Also, DePaul and Rush have more than one entry per year and UIC is only once per year. Watch your deadlines!
  7. by   cbrennan1188
    Thanks for the feedback! Were you accepted to both programs? From what you know of the schools and those accepted, do I take a chance applying?
  8. by   spore2008
    I was accepted to both programs.

    Honestly, I do not know the admissions statistics for these programs nor the student profile of the incoming class.

    I was a bit of an oddball applicant. I graduated from college in 1998 from a highly-selective liberal arts college but did not do well (GPA<3.0). In 2008, I earned a PhD in Molecular Genetics and Microbiology (GPA>3.8). My GREs were about a 1330 with 5 on the writing. I was exempt from many prerequisites because of my background. All of my other prerequisite grades were my prerequisites were heavy with As and some "older" Bs.

    I would definitely apply. Most nuring schools when asked say they want GREs to be 500 on both sections (and you are good there). I think having graduate work will serve you well and will help soften the undergraduate GPA. One bruise may be your science grades. I don't know if your science prerequisite grades in particular are poor. If they are Cs, you may want to consider retaking the course(s).

    I believe both Rush and DePaul examine applications holistically. I know Rush places a good deal of emphasis on the essay and also interviews. DePaul does not interview. Both schools answered my questions promptly and helped me a great deal during the application process.

    Go for it. And, if you can, consider other great schools in the country.
  9. by   cbrennan1188
    Thank you again, I appreciate it. Good luck to you!