Olivet Nazarene University ABSN Program

  1. 0 Hello Everyone... Is there anyone in this program or plan on attending fall 2013. I know this is a fairly new program. I just want know is it a good program and are they well organized. I plan on attending this fall 2013. Thanks for you help.

    Format: Full-time program with a blend of online theory courses and practical, hands-on clinical experiences Program Length: 16 months Credit Hours: 63 hours for nursing core, plus additional 9 hours of corequisites Locations: Classes offered online; with clinical hours completed in Oak Brook, IL
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    I also plan on attending this program in fall 2013. I attended the open house a few months ago and it seems like a very well organized program. Other than that I don't really know much about the program since it is fairly new.
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    Have you completed all your class's yet. I take the Teas V on March 22. I'm still completing my Statics, Mirco, and Nutrition classes.
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    I guess I'll be seeing you on the 22nd as well. I have finished all my classes. All I have left is the TEAS.
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    How are you preparing for the Teas 5..
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    I purchased the book from ati and I also plan on using the McGraw practice tests that people have mentioned here on allnurses.
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    I have the study manual.. I'm going to check with a locate library for the McGraw practice test.
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    Hi All,

    I am currently a student at Olivet Nazarene's Oak Brook campus in the ABSN Program. I have plenty of experiences to share with you, however I prefer to do so privately at this point in time. Please feel free to contact me anytime...I think there are things you should know before making a decision!

    ilovenursing95 at aol
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    Ok thanks I just emailed you and sent a message on here.
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    I have sent you an email also.
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    student forever 77, how may i privately send you a message?
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    <div>student forever 77, how may i privately send you a message?</div><div><br></div>
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    Hello. I am conditionally accepted for the fall session. I was wondering if any of you are farther along in your journey?

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