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Hello Everyone... Is there anyone in this program or plan on attending fall 2013. I know this is a fairly new program. I just want know is it a good program and are they well organized. I plan on attending this fall 2013. Thanks... Read More

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    Oh wow I didnt know it was that bad. I couldnt start this September because I didnt get approved for student loans but now you are making me reconsider.

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    Hi I am looking to start this fall could you tell me what the schedule is like. I have two young children one who is in school but one who will be 2 1/2 when I start. I guess what I am asking is what type of childcare do I need to look for? What are the clinical and test schedules like? DO I need full time or can I get away with grandmas watching him? Thank you in advance !!!! also here is my email if that would be better for you to respond sweetsassi78@yahoo.com
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    Have full time childcare available. I'm currently in the 3rd semester and I can tell you that the schedule constantly changes. Right now we have 3 classes with a clinical portion. We did not get our first clinical schedule until 8 days INTO the semester. We also were notified of a mandatory lab 3 days before. Don't count on having a set schedule week to week, things get changed without notice. The school could care less about employment or children... so good luck!
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    Has the program improved at all? I am set to start in May, though I have applied to other programs. These comments are scaring me though! I don't want to get into a program that doesn't care about its students!
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    No it's aweful
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    They don't teach. One of the worst proframs
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    When does the first cohort graduate?
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    I was going to look into this, I was admitted to the school as a traditional BSN student... Not so sure if I want to take the ABSN route anymore:-$

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