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I'm sure this has been posted before but I'm very new to the forum and not sure how to use any of the available functions. I plan on applying to Oakton's nursing program after I finish my pre reqs as well as my CNA but I was... Read More

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    I was right there with you taking it on the 26th, I just received my scores yesterday. I couldn't wait to get them. I scored a 98% for the composite, but I heard that if you are in the 90's for the composite your chances are good. They have even had 89% for the fall in previous years. I can't wait to get those letters!!! I thought that 80 students were accepted for the fall semester, is it really only 60?
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    Yes, it is 80 but 20 are conditional. They usually are people whose second language is English and they have to score well on the composite but there English might be below the 60 perentile but has to be between 39-50. I thought that I would have scored in the high 90s and I think I would have if not for the math screw up. Well you are definitely in and now it is a matter of time for the acceptance letter. Look for a large brown envelope. The rejection letters are in a regular size envelope and the acceptance comes with a bunch of forms. Let me know when you get yours.

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