Nursing program schedule at Morton College?

  1. I applied for the Fall 2012 nursing program at Morton. I haven't received the official letter of acceptance, but I am pretty sure I'll get in. I am about to knock out my 11th A after having taken all the pre-reqs and program reqs and I am in district, so I shouldn't have a problem.

    I spoke to two advisors and nobody can give me a definite answer what a typical program schedule is like. I know it varies and changes within the semester, but are there any current students on here who can give me more info? It's hard to plan around my job and my employer keeps asking what my schedule will be. My sister-in-law went to Morton over 10 yrs ago and she said she pretty much went to school 3 whole days a week and worked 24 hours a week around it. But, the advisors are telling me that I could be in school 4 or 5 days a week?? My job doesn't have weekend hours although there is always paperwork, filing to do. I am a medical assistant and we are typically open mon-fri from 9-6:30. It's just hard to make a plan when I have no idea what I'm headed for. I plan on going no matter what, but I wonder if I have to look for another job. It's just such a bizzare feeling, like I'm going into a black hole. My boss is super accomodating and I do have a lot of flexibility but it would be nice to actually talk to a current student who has more detailed information, especially first year students.

    Any Morton students (Cicero,IL) out here??
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