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  1. So I know I am jumping the gun and way ahead of myself. I start the program in August for an ADN program. I do intend on going through the BSN route. Being that I am 19 with a baby and limited help, I believe the RN-BSN route is most convenient as far as money, and for my son.
    I plan to work as an RN while in school for BSN to gain experience, even in the slihtest way. God only knows where and how far my journey will take me, but I was wondering if I get my liscense here in Illinois [God willing], would I be able to work in Indiana? I've been hearinf that many hospitals are only hiring BSN, and though there still are some hiring ADNs, it's rare. [I hope that's not the case]. I am willing to go as far as IN to work.
    Don't you need to be liscensed in the state you plan on working?

    Like I said, I know I have a VERY VERY long way until then, but I was just curious!

    Thanks in advance.

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  3. by   Tree5981
    There are certain states that are known as "compact states" where having your initial license is enough and you can have a multistate license if your primary license is from a compact state. Here is a website with the states that are compact There is more information on how compact states work as well on that site under FAQ. However, Indiana and Illinois do not appear to be compact states. Therefore you will have to go to the Indiana State Board of Nursing website to apply for "endorsement" to receive a license for them as well after you have your Illinois license. Here is their website for more info PLA: Rn/Lpn Endorsement Application & Instructions
  4. by   ArtisticNurse
    Yes, you can have your license endorsed to IN. For that, you can go visit

    That way, you'd be licensed in both. As far as I know, IL and IN aren't compact states. You also need to be a resident of a compact state to be issued a multistate license. Otherwise, your license in a compact state will say 'single state only'.