Northwestern Memorial Hospital Student Nurse Interns!

  1. Hey y'all! My name's Emily and I just accepted a position as a student nurse intern on the MICU at Northwestern for this summer (2013) I would love to talk with other interns and possibly find a few roomies, as I am from California!

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  3. by   letsrun
    What is your starting salary/wage if any? How long will that last? Do you have an opportunity to gain employment upon completing your internship?
  4. by   wiscobadger
    I know this is from a year ago, but on the northwestern website it seems like they haven't updated the information for summer 2014, do you know if they are continuing the student nurse program?
  5. by   nurseemtay
    Hey there! In response to both comments:

    Yes, northwestern desires to hire on all interns from the summer internship. Interns make a normal intern hourly wage.

    Also, they do not make it easy to find and apply for the internship, as it is very competitive. They are definitely continuing the program and the app should be up on their hr website If it isn't, they are probably done hiring. They had most interns hired by feb-march last year.
  6. by   nurrb37
    I know this is 2 years later, but I was wondering if you know when they posted the jobs on their website. I can't seem to find it anywhere.
    Thank you!

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