North Park University BSN program?

  1. 0 hey, i was just wondering if anyone on here is attending/has graduated from North Park's BSN program. i am looking into the school, and wanted to know if there is a wait list/difficulty on entrance into the program. i still have ways to go because it looks like they want pretty much all of the science courses before you can apply into the program.

    any information would be helpful! thanks!
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    I just graduated from NPU in December 2008. If you do have time, it would be best to apply to the university and take your prerequisites there. They do prefer their students over transfers and there's plenty of students wanting to get into the program. I did hear from people still in the program that admission is getting tougher. Make sure you have a strong GPA, good TEAS score, have your prereq's done, and good recommendation letters.
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    I was recently admitted to the NPU Nursing Program! Can you please share your experiences with the program? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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    I was told by someone at the school (a secretary I think, but they know alot sometimes) in 2007 that they only accepted 2 or 3 transfers and everyone else was a North Park student. So if your heart is set on that school, I would do as someone else said and take your pre-req's there. Good Luck!!!

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