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  1. 0 Anyone taken the NET? How was it? Was it hard to score post-high school?
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    Quote from Monica79
    Anyone taken the NET? How was it? Was it hard to score post-high school?
    hello, my good friend took it last january, she passed very well. she is now with me at nursing program. we will have to take it anyway again on august, it is not so hard, just review math and anatomy u will be fine.
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    Hello Monica!

    My friend Kathy passed NET to West Suburban college last January.

    She took it from English and math. She says it is not hard. Just review basic algebra and basic writing structures.

    I think I mistake it with my intro exam to nursing where I have to take English, math, and anatomy. I will ask her about more info for you. I think she told me that you can buy book at college, she has one. It is like a study guide for that test. I do not know where she got it. I will talk to her so next time I will have more info for you.

    Where are from? What nationality are you?

    I am Polish. I go to MoraineValleyCollege, later I plan transfer to Loyola university. I work now as PCT.

    My friend (Kasia), she was accepted to West Suburban too, but she give it up - personal reason.

    Hear from you soon.

    Nice to meet you.