need some dialysis, or wait for an acute care job?

  1. 0 Hello everyone,

    Here is my dilemma. I graduated in May with a BSN, passed NCLEX, still looking to land my first job as many other new grads are. My goal is to work in acute care, preferably on a med-surg or tele floor. I have put out 100s of applications, only 1 hospital called me back, 2 interviews later and no luck yet. However, this past week I was offered an interview with Fresenius, the dialysis clinic. I thought this might be a good job for me to have while I continue to apply to hospital positions. Then I started researching the company, as well as dialysis nurses, and now Im not sure.

    1. Fresenius has a lot of bad reviews from former and current nurses. Mainly that they only care about money, and their benefits arent so great, and you will never get a raise working there.

    2. Then I started hearing that working dialysis isn't a good move since it is so specialized that it will be even harder for me to land a job in acute care down the road.

    3. Last, this is a job where I would hopefully only work for a few months before I HOPEFULLY found a job in acute care. I have heard from some recruiters that working somewhere for this short amount of time is not good, however I do not want to work as a dialysis nurse long term as this is not my passion whatsoever.

    Any advice from recruiters, experienced nurses, anyone I would appreciate their input. Im at a loss of what to do. I dont want to hurt my chances of one day working on a med-surg/tele floor.
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    Hello, I just found your post after researching this company. I had an interview this past Wednesday and I am in a similar situation that you stated you were in.

    My question for you is what did you end up deciding to do?

    I am supposed to know whether I got the job by monday and I feel uneasy just settling on the first job that I may possibly have as I also do not plan to stay in dialysis. However, the hours match what I am looking for since I have two children.

    I would appreciate any advice you may have. Thanks!

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