Moraine Valley Nurses?!

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    Is there anyone who has applied to Moraine Valley for the RN program?!
    I am waiing to hear back and the wait is killing me!!

    Anyone a student there or waiting to hear back?!

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    im still waiting to hear back too. im so anxious!! they said we will find out within 3 weeks of march 15th and the days are getting slim... 11 more days till that 3 week marker! hopefully we find out early this week... how did you do on the teas? i took it twice. first time did really well on the math section and ok on the science so i took it again and ended up doin worse on the math and science and superb on the english and reading. funny cause i was studying more for the math and science. so i just submitted the first test seeing that they only base the acceptance on math and science after achieving 60% or higher on all 4 sections..
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    Hello! I am also waiting to hear back to see if I got in! I am SO nervous. I turned in my application way late though, so that's what I am worried about. (The 13th of March.) How did you two do on the teas? I got a 76% in Math... and a 70.8% in Science.. with a B in Bio-180 for the extra 2 points. Eeeeeeeeeep. Good luck!
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    yeah i turned mine in last min too on the 14th haha but it doesnt matter when u turn it in unless there is a tie breaker which barely happens (as told in the information session). for some reason i thought there was 11 days left in the count down but it turns out that the 30 day marker is april 14th.. god i wish these days would fly past already! good luck to you too!
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    I just checked my mail and nothing! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I don't want to wait another 24 hours!!! Let me know if it came for you two! How did you two do on the teas?
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    I got a 100% in the math section and a 78% in the science, with an extra 3 points for AP!

    Has anyone got a letter yet?!!!
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    still waiting.. ugg i got a 78.1 in science, 76.7 in math and 2 points for AP.
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    when i turned my application in the lady in records explained their point scale.. she said its out of 78 points. 48 for the science and 30 for math (as seen on the teas results.) what they do is multiply the average by the # of ?. then add the two together. then we are awarded points for AP that count as extra credit. so in my case.. .781 x 48 = 37.488 in science and .767 x 30 = 23.01;
    37.488 + 23.01= 60.498 + 2 = 62.498. so i got 62.498/78 she also said a bad score is low 50's. @tammy, looks like you have nothing to worry about.. if alot a ppl applied i could be border line... :/
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    Yeah that is what the advisor, Ali Riphagen explained to me as well.

    Let me see if I can pull up the email for the stats that she sent me.
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    Okay, got it. She explained to me how the rank students and these were the LOWEST scores that got accepted as the last person into the Nursing program at MVCC. Notice how the last semester is the lowest. That's because the previous semesters had to take the TEAS IV. The last semester, and our class had to take the TEAS V which was much harder.
    Here are the Stats quoted from the email:

    "Just to make your sleep a little more restful please look at the following statistics:
    For Fall 2010 admission the lowest amount of points earned that was admitted: 59.8.
    For Spring 2011 admission that total was 61.
    For Fall 2011 admission the total was 54.9."

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