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Mid curricular HESI at Truman

  1. 0 Hi all:

    I just finished my first year at Truman College here in Chicago, and as such just took the mid-curricular Hesi exam. A few words about the Hesi that we weren't told that others after me will find useful:

    *The exam was 110 questions.

    *I got anywhere from 20 to 25 wrong (you're allowed to look over your wrong answers and rationales at the end of the test, and I forgot to count as I went through them) and still got a 92% and a 1043, or something like that (800 was required). This leads me to believe that some questions are weighted more than others, but I can't confirm that conclusively.

    *There will be questions on the exam that you didn't cover in class (Cancer, meds you never studied). Don't worry too much about these - you will likely be able to pick out the correct answer if you have ANY skill at all in answering NCLEX - style questions.

    *I spent a lot of time studying procedures - how to take a sitting, then standing BP, taking a BP in both arms, donning/doffing PPE - and there were maybe 2 or 3 questions on this.

    *A lot of the test was just nursing judgment - general nursing questions about what to do first. Believe me, if you've finished two semesters of Nursing school and passed, you know more about this than you think.

    *If you get stumped by strange terms - ecchymosis, petechiae have always thrown me - study them. There will be questions where if you don't know what the word means, you won't be able to answer the question.

    *Finally, everyone I talked to passed. I'm sure a few of the 130 or so of us failed had to go to summer school, but keep in mind that you'll have just take a comprehensive final, and that will prepare you very well for this exam.

    Wish I knew this before going into the test - would have put me at ease!!
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    isn't HESI been abolished already? is ccc stilling using it to penalize students at the end of the program?