Lurie Children's New Grad Residency March 2017 - page 3

Anyone else interviewing for a new grad position at Lurie to start in March?... Read More

  1. by   pedsnurse223
    interviewed jan 17 found out jan 31
  2. by   chiBSNRN
    Thanks for sharing. I'm still waiting to hear, haven't received a call or a rejection email but Monday is the last day to hear from them we were told. So fingers crossed still!
  3. by   CullenkeUIC
    Anyone hear yet? I am so sick to my stomach waiting.
  4. by   chiBSNRN
    Still waiting, haven't heard one way or the other.
  5. by   CullenkeUIC
    Still waiting...
  6. by   chiBSNRN
    I'm still waiting too! I'm hoping we hear something by the end of the week.
  7. by   chiBSNRN
    Has anyone reached out to HR about why we haven't received any news?
  8. by   CullenkeUIC
    I emailed on Tue and never got a response. Try calling!
  9. by   chiBSNRN
    I will attempt to call if I am able to before they close HR.
  10. by   chiBSNRN
    After all that waiting I received an offer today!