LPN to RN options... new to Illinois!

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    I am getting my LPN in July 2013 in Iowa. I am planning a move to the Chicago area and want to get my RN there as well. I am open to bridge programs to receive my ADN or BSN. I am willing to pay a higher cost for for BSN, but wouldn't want to spend lots on an ADN, because I just broke the bank with my LPN, haha! I heard that City of Colleges offers a bridge program? I read on here that you have to finish your pre reqs before entering the waiting list. Does anyone know how long the pre reqs take and how long the wait is after that? I wouldn't mind working while on the waiting list, but the waiting lists for community colleges in my area are 2 or 3 years, which I don't want to do. Any information on this program or any others in the area are helpful? Really interested in an online-hybrid option in the area too! Thanks!
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  3. by   Magelan
    Ccc - Wright College (Humboldt Park campus) has LPN2RN option but it takes 3-4 semesters for prereqs...

    JJC, ECC also have similar bridges...

    The only private LPN2RN is offered by Ambria.

    LPN2BSN - check on St Xavier University.

    Forget about hybrid/online programs here in Illinois :-( The only thing that could work for you is Indiana State University LPN2BSN program. Recognized in Illinois, but check for details in online nursing section of the forum