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Can someone please tell me all the private LPN schools in the Chicagoland area? I don't want to wait a few years on a waiting list. PCCTI American Institute J'Renee Facility Northwestern Institute of Health... Read More

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    I am looking at all school options for lpn programs. I did take all my pre reqs at CCC but I know it is not easy to get into any of the nursing programs so Im also looking at private schools. I was wondering if anyone went to a private school (and which one) to get their lpn done first and then was able to get their RN at the CCC??

    Any information would be great
    Thanks You, and good luck with nursing careers!

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    HI formerrt I am trying to do the same thing u r meaning get lpn license at private school and then transfer and do the bridge program to get rn. Did u find out anything if it's possible to bridge at any community college?
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    NWIHT is now NLN accredited.
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    Quote from black cohosh
    NWIHT is now NLN accredited.
    Where are you getting that information? It's not listed on NLNAC's website. I could be wrong, but I don't even recall them having candidate status.
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    All accreditation and approvals for NWIHT can be found at:

    LINK: http://www.nwiht.edu/index.php?optio...d=82&Itemid=62

    If it ain't there, it ain't official.

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    Quote from mzhart
    Americare just got approved for their RN program. Right now they are giving priority to previous americare grads they have info sessions on the 19 and 20th of this month.
    Their RN program is an LPN-to-RN Bridge. They also have a new name. They're now Ambria College of Nursing.
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    Quote from rachelle0117
    Their RN program is an LPN-to-RN Bridge. They also have a new name. They're now Ambria College of Nursing.
    Did you wind up deciding on going to Ambria? If so, when are you starting?
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    Their NLN certificate of membership is posted in Nursing office in Ashland campus. I have photo in my cellphone but I couldnt upload it here. I also asked their DON if the school is already accredited by NLN and she said yes...
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    Quote from myk4408
    CMK Healthcare is charging $15,000 for the entire program which includes books. They were planning to offer the Pharmacology course at the end of the program and now decided to place it as a pre requisite. I found out that LPN programs are not required to offer pharmacology. CMK wants to make sure that their students are well verse in pharmacology so that they can be competetive in the market.

    They recently dropped their prices for their pre reqs. They are licensed under ISBE to provide LPN training. Currently not accepting financial aid due to being a new program.

    Other schools are charging way too much... the most important thing is you come out with the right education and proper instruction

    I am planning to join their classes this january
    did you end up joining the LPN program at CMK? If so, can you tell me more about it? Do they offer classes at both locations (Westmont and Glendale Heights), where are you attending clinicals (and the times you go), how difficult is the hw?

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    If anybody here is still loooking around I would really reccomend j Renee. They are located in elgin now right off I90 and the building is brand new and Soo nice. Plus the school also has financial aid now and it cut down my tuition in half. I know ambria has fin. Audi but their tuition is a lot more expensive. Soo I just thought I'd let anyone looking knows! O just git in the program and start tomorrow I'm so looking forward to it!

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