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Can someone please tell me all the private LPN schools in the Chicagoland area? I don't want to wait a few years on a waiting list. PCCTI American Institute J'Renee Facility Northwestern... Read More

  1. by   myk4408
    In reply to the Northwestern Pricing their total cost for prerequisites are $4,857.60 adding that to the cost of $17,800, totaling out to be $22,657. From looking at CMK Healthcares LPN program their total costs add up to be $17,600 (15,000/LPN plus $2600/prerequisites)

    here is the breakdown:
    Anatomy & Physiology $1,200
    Medical Terminlogy $700
    Pharmacology $700
    LPN Program $15,000

    Quote from formerrt
    Hi.I went to Northwestern inst & tech today and i inquire about the LPN program.But then the Anatomy and physiology 1&2 are already added as pre-reqs.In aug 2010 the admin told me that the pre-reqs are only psycho,math,english.med term and comp but the anat.physio are included in the $17,800 tuition for the LPN.Those who are attending lpn course did you also take the anat.&physio before you start the lpn class?thanks.

    Those who are interested in attending the LPN @ northwestern inst. here's the latest list of the pre-reqs and tuition.

    Math-$662.40 plus $50 registration fee
    eng-&662.40 Plus $50
    psycho-$662.40 plus $50
    comp-$441.60 plus $50
    anat-physio 1&2 $2,428.80 plus $50 each.
    Medical term-not already included as pre reqs for 2011 lpn

    LPN tuition $17,875
    background checks,medical exam,cpr,books etc.
  2. by   Magelan
    And at CMK books, scrubs and etc are INCLUDED, and the program lasts about 800 clock hours (without prerequisites) and at Northwestern Institute it's about 1300 so there is at least 3-4 months in "saving"

    For that time (3-4 months) as LPN you can make enough money to cover most of expenses you had during school and that's not a small thing.
  3. by   formerrt
    Hi Magellan are u from CMK?actually i still did not enroll for my pre reqs at northwest because i still want to know the difference bet.northwest and other LPN school.I will try to call or go to CMK and inquire about their program.
  4. by   Magelan
    Yes At this moment I’m attending pharmacology course that started last Saturday in Glendale Heights.

    As myk4408 wrote, at Northwestern Institute the tuition is significantly higher and many other expenses are not included in tuition. NWIHT was one of schools on my list but down payment is also very higher - $5.000 and at CMK $2.000.

    The most important thing why I’ve chosen CMK is number of clock hours:
    • Northwestern Institute 224+1300=1524
    • PCCTI 1080
    • CMK 175+794=969

    I’ll save at least 3 months, much money and nerves and I will not have to quit my job because classes will be on week-ends. Someone could say that less hours means less of education but in my opinion all important things in nursing field we learn through the practice so I don't see that as a disadvantage.
  5. by   SMOKEY2112
    How far is CMK from Chicago.. near downtown.. you think? I actually called NWIHT today.. I pass by it every single day taking and picking up my youngest from school.. and the guy on the phone told me that they are going to be opening another location in Skokie in November and that they will have financial aid by the end of the year.. so FASFA..Pell Grant, Gov. loans, etc!!

    Hope that helps someone!!
  6. by   sgthanzo
    I think it would be misleading to infer that a program completion would necessarily equate to an LPN license. Though it is true that NWIHT's PN program may be a little bit longer than most, I believe it is because they only have one reason -- and that is to thoroughly and rigorously prepare the student to become a NURSE.

    Instead of just looking for short-programs or who's got the lowest tuition, I think the most important criteria in selecting a school is how successful they are in making (licensed) NURSES out of students.

    That being said, have a look at NWIHT's LPN Passing Rates (from IDFPR, Board of Nursing) and compare it to the rest. Decide then if this school is for you. If you want a school that has no track record, then by all means, skip NWIHT. However, if you're looking for a school who's only passion is to create (licensed) NURSES, I'd suggest that you talk to one of their highly trained Admission officers.

    SCROLL-RIGHT to view the whole picture.

    Full URL: http://nursing.illinois.gov/PDF/IlAp...es01292010.PDF
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  7. by   SMOKEY2112
    No offense or anything sgthanzo..but you kinda sound like you work for NWIHT.. just sayin..

    Honestly I would say that most people here are looking for a great education first and foremost...not just how short the program is or how much the tuition is.. but of course because of the way things are in life.. all have to be taken into consideration.. just sayin...

    Thanks for the link though.. it's nice that I can see all of the school passing rates!
  8. by   sgthanzo
    @Smokey - regardless of where the information comes from, the only thing that matters is that the average student gets all the tools that s/he needs to become a successful (licensed) Nurse.

    There are a lot of 'smoke-mirror' and less-than-true advertisements out there on who offers what, by how much, for how long.

    NWIHT, in my opinion, doesn't compete with those schools. Knowing they've been in operation and accredited (by NCA-CASI) for the past five years, I think the professionals at NWIHT have learned a long time ago that preparing the student to become the Nurse that they aspire to be is more important than focusing on hearsays.

    You, as a consumer (and hopefully as a student), deserves to KNOW everything that there is to know about which school actually stands apart from the crowd. If my information is able to assist you make up your mind, regardless if you choose NWIHT or not, then my post(s) here would not have been for nothing.

    Goodluck on your endeavors and best regards,

    hattori hanzo
  9. by   Chris NS
    Well CMK's passing rates army on the charts
  10. by   sgthanzo
    @CHRIS NS - Good observation. They're probably still working on their first NCLEX-PN passers as they're a newly approved LPN school.

    BTW, I've seen a ton of posts here about accreditation and what not... Here's the gist of what I know... 'hopefully it makes for a good reading as it is rather long. Hahaha.

    NLNAC is an accreditation generally sought after by RN/BSN programs. It is very seldom (I've not seen one at least) to see an LPN school get this type of accreditation as it's usually "earned" by associate-degree granting programs and higher.

    NCA-CASI (or AdvancED as they're now called) is the accreditation standard for post-secondary (private and non-private) institutions. It is GLOBAL with more than 27,000 schools accredited.

    NCA-CASI is also the accreditation of choice for LPN-approved schools.

    Someone here correct me if I'm wrong... Last I heard, NCA-CASI accredited schools (like Americare, COD, NWIHT, Oakton College, DeVry (Chamberlain?) Harper, etc) have an 82% PLACEMENT RATE nationwide compared to like... 40% some odd for non NCA-accredited schools.

    ISBE (or Illinois State Board of Education) is NOT an accrediting body -- it is an APPROVING body.

    Likewise, IDFPR (or IL Dept of Financial and Professional Regulations) is NOT an accrediting body -- it is an APPROVING body.

    For a school to "legally" operate as an LPN training institution, three things need to occur. 1) The school's curriculum MUST get approval from ISBE , 2) The school's feasibility and curriculum MUST get approval from IDFPR, Board of Nursing. They're the last say on who gets to offer what Nursing program in Illinois, and 3) The School must get at least one accreditation from a State-approved accrediting body like NCA-CASI (AdvancED).

    The reason for this rigorous approval process is only for one thing -- to ensure public safety in the hands of newly minted Nurses.

    The above being said, it is NOT only wise to choose a school that has all three, but also the right approach.

    I hope I didn't overload you all with these information. I get too passionate when discussing school stuff. Hahaha!


    hattori hanzo
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  11. by   Chris NS
    how hard is the "TABE" test that they give for the entrance to the LPN(when i called them for aboout the LPN program they told me it was a walk in the park )( i just hope that it is) dose anyone actually know or have taken it if so can you tell me and or everyone that would find that helpful
  12. by   SMOKEY2112
    Thanks for that info about the whole accreditation and approval thing Hattori.. that clears alot of things up for me! I have a question..so is there a list anywhere that have the schools that have all 3?
  13. by   sgthanzo
    @chris - tabe (or test of adult basic education) is simple enough. however, it is not uncommon to see inquiring candidates fail this test. only way to make sure you pass is to study for it before you take the test. your local library should have a tabe reviewer in their collection of books. you can also get a used tabe reviewer from ebay or from amazon.

    @smokey - i know of no one who compiles the approvals and accreditations that each "approved" lpn school has. as a rule of thumb though, an idfpr-approved lpn school will always have a corresponding isbe approval.

    click here to see the list of all idfpr-approved nursing schools and their programs.

    more on accreditations

    on nca-casi -- click here to search for nca-casi (advanced) accredited schools. in the search box, type the school name like cmk, americare, pccti or northwestern institute. if an lpn school is or has been accredited before, you'll find them there. also pay very close attention to accreditation expiration dates. a good lpn school will maintain their accreditation status by allowing themselves to be visited/audited by the accrediting agency.

    on nlnac -- there are only six illinois lpn-approved schools that has this accreditation to-date. feel free to visit their site by clicking this link. make sure you match the nlnac-accredited school's nclex-pn passing-rate to get a good gauge of their overall performance.

    nclex-pn passing rate -- an lpn school that maintains a consistent passing score for two consecutive years probably means they know what they're doing to help you become a licensed nurse. with 3-years consecutive passing rates, a program has probably matured and stabilized. with 3-consecutive years of high passing rates (85% and above) and continuous accreditation, their program is probably being ran by highly trained and highly experienced (rn-msns) director and instructors.

    my advice... don't settle for anything less than exemplary as your career and the public's safety depends on the well trained and licensed nurse.


    hattori hanzo
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