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LPN jobs in chicago

  1. 0 Im currently a lvn student in california. But I really want to move to chicago after graduating. I know ill have to transfer my license and all.... but can anyone give me insight on how the job market is for lpn's in the chicago area? is it easy or hard to find a job? and how much do u think i will need to struggle to land a job? and can i make a living off an lpn salary for myslef in chicago? thankyou
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    Most salarys in Chicago new grad.. $38,00 -42,000 1st year
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    Quote from Nurse_shyia
    Most salarys in Chicago new grad.. $38,00 -42,000 1st year
    Thanks!! and do u know how the job market is for lpns in chicago?
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    I am an LPN in Chicago and you can mostly only work in nursing homes or home health some hospitals but very rare you can earn from $21 with no experience to $26 I have heard but have not witnesses the $26 but the jobs are plentiful even though you work like a dog !!
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    Wow! but i guess as a nurse that's expected .... do u think its possible to live in chicago on a lpn salary after taxes and everything has been taken.... i mean i'm just going to be living alone and i only need to rent a small studio/ room somewhere safe .... is it possible with only 21 an hour??
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    Yes! that's enough to live in Chicago.May be cheaper to live in the Suburbs though....