Joliet Junior College Fall 2013 Nursing Applicants

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    I am a pre-nursing student at JJC and just applied for the Fall 2013. All of my prerequisites are complete and my GPA is good. I'm waiting on TEAS testing dates and am getting anxious. I've just started studying and am a little overwhelmed. I've registered for the upcoming review courses at JJC for all subjects. Anyone in the same boat? Would love to hear from you!

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    I am also a JJC Pre nursing student. I apply to take the TEAS August 1st. For the fall class. I have a friend in A&P II who is getting ready to take the TEAS for JJC, and she applied Feb. 1st. I have heard so many different things about the TEAS, but the refresher courses for five dollars each-I hear are the way to go.
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    Hi, I'm applying for Fall 2013 as well...
    I'm really nervous that I haven't received info about the TEAS yet. :S
    In the middle of preparing for the test also and have taken the review sessions. I hope to hear something soon...
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    I graduated from the program in December and when I took the TEAS, they did not have the review courses so I ordered the test book and the online practice exams. I highly recommend the online exams as part of your prep. It will familiarize you with the format of the test and help you to feel comfortable with the way the questions are written. It's challenging, but you will be well-prepared if you use the prep materials.

    Good Luck!
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    Thanks! I appreciate the advice. I have been reading through the Study Guide and so far the material seems pretty straight forward. I took one of the exams and did very well overall, but I definitely have to brush up on my chemistry and biology. I figured that once I study those topics a little more, I will purchase take the 2nd exam, study my weaker areas, then purchase an online exam and see how well prepared I am.
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    Did you get your TEAS email? I scheduled mine for 3/23. Good luck!
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    I'm a first semester nursing student at JJC. I took the TEAS in September. Make sure you buy the TEAS test study guide book. I got it on the ATI for around $50 and it was well worth the money. I studied it front to back and took the practice test while timing myself. It is really important to make sure you know how to do math quickly without a calculator. That was my worry. Understand your weaknesses and work on those. Also, go in there with confidence!! Don't listen to any negative talk around you. There was a guy there with me taking it and he went on and on about how very few people are accepted into the program the first try.

    I ignored him and got my acceptance letter on October 12 (first try) & have not seen him anywhere in the program.

    You guys will do fine as long as you study. Good luck! And once you get that e-mail, trust me it is an amazing feeling!

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    i am taking my teas tomorrow morning..i just took a practice test and got an 82 composite score and 88 in reading...i am so scared!!): i am going to study more i stand a chance?
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    how was your score compared to online test? I heard online was harder. Hoping that's the case. I took test A online and scored a 84.7 composite and 90.9 in reading. Two more days for me...
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    I too am applying for the fall semester at JJC. I took the TEAS V yesterday. It was easy, in my opinion. I did not do any review sessions, or studying, or buy a book. I scored a 92.7% overall, and a 90.5% in Reading. If you have been studying and preparing, you will have no trouble at all.

    Also, Paul Schroeder, who adminsters the test, said that the average score of an accepted student is 76% overall, 82% reading. He also said that there are less applicants this term around (yay!) and that 80 students will be accepted into the program.

    Now it's just a matter of "wait-and-see" for me. I feel like my scores are strong and so am hoping that is enough to get me into the program. What are the 6 classes they use to determine our GPA? I had it written down somewhere, but can't find the sheet lol. I'm not sure what my GPA is considered by them, but my overall GPA (includes classes like Spanish that don't count for the nursing program) is a 3.3.

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