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Hello!! I've been accepted into the JJC Day Nursing Program for fall '12 !:thankya: I am so excited but also pretty nervous! I looked at the class plan out on JJC's website and seeing how I have all the non-nursing classes... Read More

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    Quote from zamrn
    I have been accepted into the Spring 2013 day program. I am happy and scared! I was hoping to get a reading list to enable me to get a head start since I went to school outside of America. I am so happy to read all your posts -- they help me stay focused and get a good idea of how nursing school will be.

    Thank you for helping freshers like me get acquainted with the program and school.
    Congrats zamrn....i will private message you in a bit!

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    Quote from raqi89
    Congrats zamrn....i will private message you in a bit!
    Thank you! I am new to this and I have a few more posts to make before I can pm ...
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    Any advice for those of us applying for the Fall 2013? I finished everything and am now anxiously awaiting for a reply. Any advice you can give, i.e., ebooks vs physical books, supplies needed, how to stay organized, best apps for nursing students, best place to purchase scrubs/supplies or whatever else, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    could u tell us how the program's been treating you so far?

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