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Hello - this is my very first time posting a new topic, hopefully I'm doing this correctly. Just wanted to see if there are any ladies/gentlemen out there applying into the nursing program for the... Read More

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    Quote from Bella2BRN
    Yea, the proctor mentioned how he felt the avg score of the students that will get in this round will be lower than the round before us because there was 100 less qualified applicants. So last round, the avg score of those that were accepted was 78/80..somewhere around there.

    Awesome job!! I am extremely upset that I didn't do as well on the reading portion In addition to that, just upset with my overall score.

    I think you did well, even if you didn't finish that last pre-req. My nursing advisor said we receive points for the pre-reqs required that we have completed, GPA, CNA, Reading TEAS score, and Overall TEAS score. So even if you don't have the last pre-req, you will have points based on your TEAS score for sure!!!
    Okay, thanks for the info! I didn't realize you got points for CNA.
    I'm so sorry you are upset about your final score. I wouldn't lose hope if what the proctor said is true. You still have a chance. Your score is not the lowest that was shared with me.
    This is going to be a long month of waiting. *sigh*

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    No problem! For the CNA, not absolutely sure. My advisor said yes and to make sure I brought it to the testing day. But, I am in class with a student that met with her advisor for the first time and her advisor said nothing about CNA for points.

    Thanks for letting me know I wasn't the lowest. I wonder how many actually tested because it appeared there was only 6-7 options to take the TEAS test. Then, the school takes 88, 64 for days and 24 for evenings. I am crossing my fingers and hopefully they don't turn blue since we have another 2-4 weeks until we find out..lol!
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    Hi, everyone. First time posting on this site. I also have taken my Teas v at JJC & awaiting the results in 2-4 weeks. The anticipation is bruuuutal.

    From what I understand they look at:
    overall teas score
    reading score
    ....then gpa & completed courses

    I wonder how many people applied this time. When I took my teas the room was pretty empty

    Good luck, everyone!

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    hi bella2b...
    I was told cna doesnt have a weight in acceptance.... I also have as well. But yet, the proctor collected our registry, so I'm not quite sure...
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    Hi, everyone. Being a CNA doesn't give you "extra points" at all. The reason they collect your registry is because, if you are a CNA, then you don't have to take NURS 140 during the first semester, which is really nice. I'm a fourth semester JJC nursing student and wish you all the best of luck in the program.
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    Hi Guys I also took the test on Sept 22nd. That test was brutal. I did 3 practice test and i always heard they were harder then the real thing.......nope the real one was so much harder, esp, science. I studied so hard and I had so many earth questions and I dislike those questions.
    I talked to Luna and she said last time the lowest score THAT GOT IN was 68%or 69% i dont remember which, but the girl had a 4.0 and she wasnt sure about her reading. That gave me hope. She also said with only 300 application this time that really helps to.

    I thought I did great on my test until the results came in. I got a 72% overall and the reading was 79% with a 4.0 in the prereqs and i finished all that they look at in the program.

    I did about the same just a tad better on the teas then the practice ones. I felt they helped but I studied as much as I possibly could and relooked over everything.
    Also for any of us that do get in Luna said if you took NURS 100 {I LOVED THAT CLASS} study that math stuff and it will help in the first semester of nursing. Porportions and dosages.If you have the math confidence book it helps.
    I am hoping to get in nights SPRING 2013
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    hi hopefull....

    I have a question: when we applied they ask if you prefer day nights or either.... depending on what you chose, is that what they automatically give you? How does that work? some say lottery .....?

    Tortiz....agreed. the waiting is making me nuts. ((sigh))
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    I was told before whatever u accept is usually what u get but in some cases if what u select is full they will call you and give the option of going to what is available instead of what you selected, that way you font loose out by just picking the wrong time.
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    Hi strongfaith:

    You usually get what you pick...but you are more likely to get days only because there are more day spots. If you pick either then depending on how many people asked for nights, you may not get it and get put into days instead. I'm not exactly sure how they choose who gets nights, but, for instance, if you say you can "only" do nights then you will probably get nights or nothing at all. If you say "either" and there are too many requests for nights, you will probably get days. Make sense? lol, hope so!! I put "either" to increase my chances of getting any spot at all. I figured I would work out the logistics once I got accepted, but I realize many people don't have that option! This whole program is somewhat unorganized and in many cases, it is what it is...no options are given.
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    I asked for days. I hope it get it! I absolutely can't do nights. I'm pretty much a single mom and my kids are in school all day. They need a parent.

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