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Hello - this is my very first time posting a new topic, hopefully I'm doing this correctly. Just wanted to see if there are any ladies/gentlemen out there applying into the nursing program for the Spring 2013 semester. We... Read More

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    Has anyone turned in any paperwork to the nursing department yet?

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    The only thing I've turned in is the Pin order form. I'll wait until I have all the other items in order to turn in together, prob not for three more weeks.
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    I only have to get the second part of the tb test then I will turn in everything.
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    Hi all,
    I stumbled upon this site and checked out a different thread several months ago trying to find info about the schedule since there was nothing but TBA on the jjc website. Thought I'd check it out again to see if there were new people on here that are starting when I am. So hello everyone! Anyway...Just want to say thanks to Mnurse for posting the prices for books, only $267 for e-books and having no books to carry around! I am so excited about that! I am also in Kania's (sp?) group. Does anyone know if we buy the e-books on Dec. 3, will we immediately be able to view them? I'm getting kinda bored just waiting to start! Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!
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    Books will be available when you enter the codes, but keep in mind they have an exoneration date of four years from when they are activated. That is the only downfall to the digital books, I believe.
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    Also keep in mind getting use to the nursing program will be hard enough, so if you have not worked with ebooks yet it might be hard to get use to. I know a few people struggled this semester
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    Personally I live the e books. I have only used Pearson books in the past, but what I like is I can record the lecture with my iPad and read the book at the same time. I took bio 251 over the summer and replayed the lectures over and over to help me study. Hopefully these new books are just as good as Pearson. They do take getting used to, and with Pearson if you don't download the chapter early and the wifi is down, you don't have a textbook.
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    My understanding is that the e-books do not have an expiration date. That is from both the Elsevier rep and the Elsevier website.
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    That is good to know about the books. Because the the nursing dept told me it was only good for four years. Now I will definately get them if you can keep the digital copies.
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    Ok so when you all go get books, if you get the big box option beware that thing is heavy. I parked in A and walking to my car was a workout for sure. Probaly should have opened it and threw a few in my back pack. WOW !! So Im ordering a new book bag because mine is done. Anyone thinking about getting a roller if so have you found any besides the ones at JJC?
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