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Illinois Nursing Scholarship

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    I had a quick question regarding the Illinois Department of Public Health Nursing Education Scholarship. If you have been a part of this before, what is the selection criteria for this? I have an EFC of 0 and am a senior Nursing student with a 3.6 cumulative GPA. Also, what has been your experience with this scholarship? I really hope I get it because this will substantially help me finish out my last year of school. Any input is appreciated. Thank you!
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    I've applied for the scholarship but haven't heard back from it yet. From reading reviews, it seems they really base it off the EFC number on your taxes and it also is based on if you are elgible for student loans or not. I attend a private school that doesn't offer student loans, so hopefully my name comes up in their selection criteria. I did call 2 weeks ago and was told it would be approximately mid August before the emails are sent out
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    Did the committee say they base it off if you are eligible for student loans as well as your EFC? Also did you catch anything on how competitive it is?
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    You should call the number, the representative was really nice and informative. With my application, I wrote a personal letter with my application, informing them that the school is private and currently student aid is not offered, and i'm paying cash out of my pocket which affects my household etc. etc. (which they have all of that information, but i needed to emphasize this), as soon as i sent my application like 3 days later I received confirmation of IDPH receiving it. But upon doing research the top two things they are looking at are EFC number and GPA. Also its all depending upon how much the state gives the scholarship program too. I'm enrolled in a LPN program, so only 10 percent of the funding goes to LPN, and 90 percent of the funding goes to RN applicants. From my understanding not many LPN students applied, but who knows, i'm just keeping my fingers crossed
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    I wasn't selected, ughhh!
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    Don't feel too bad. I wasn't selected either. This sucks. I wish so many people wouldn't have applied.
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    But i read somewhere, that sometimes you will get denied, and then in january you will get a letter saying you were selected. Did you ever read that?? I'm assuming some people apply for the scholarship but may not want to fulfill the obligation. LEt me know what you think
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    I have not read that. Do you know the link where you read that? Also, I would probably call the center and ask if that is true.