I passed the NCLEX, when can I work?

  1. Hi fellow IL nurses,

    I recently moved to IL and passed the NCLEX last Monday. I saw on the Internet that it may take months for me to receive my license in IL and until then I have to work under direct supervision of an RN. As a new grad, what kind of job can I get in this category? I could not find the information on the IL BON site which I find really confusing and not very user-friendly. Any advice on how to navigate the IL BON would be appreciated. And in reality how long will it take for my license to come through? As you can imagine I want to work ASAP!!

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  3. by   Magelan
    Hopefully during this week you will get the letter from Continental testing. Make sure you fill it out the same day and mail it to Springfield. It does't take that long, at least it didn't in my case.

    I passed my NCLEX on 11/15, got a letter from Continental like a week after, sent it to the capital, and my name was on license look-up on 12/04. So it took 18 days in total.
  4. by   veronica.namaste
    Thanks Magelan!
  5. by   veronica.namaste
    My nursing license # was posted to the registry on January 15th so it didn't take too long.

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