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Hi, I just sent out my application, transcripts, and application fee today. Now I am just going to focus on studying for the HESI. I applied for the Summer Session 2012. It starts July 9th. I've applied at other colleges before... Read More

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    I am a student at the Chicago campus and from my understanding, they weigh your scores for various sections differently based on your course work, so for me, i had not taken a&p prior to taking the exam and they took that into consideration when they weighted my score. The courses you have taken are weighted more heavily. At least for the chicago campus, we did not have to take the physics portion so don't worry about that but a&p was on there. As far as study advice- just review the hesi book and do the practice problems and you should be fine!
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    Hey everyone!
    I am looking for Chamberlain Chicago advice! I am currently a student looking to transfer to Chamberlain. I am also looking into another school as well and am trying to weigh out my options. I have taken a teas test before and barely passed with no studying at all or taking any pre-req's. I am currently studying the NLN pre-entrance exam guide for Cardinal Stritch. Chamberlain does HESI testing? I have never heard of it. Can you use a calculator? I don't know physics so I am hoping they don't do it! Any suggestions or input on the college? Everyone learning?? Thanks guys!
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    Hi, I hope you have transferred to your school of choice or at least narrowed your options. I started attending Chamberlain this January, and I like it a lot so far. Some people say the professors at the Addison campus are more "involved," but my professors thus far are very passionate about their fields and students. They are approachable as well, and we have great discussions. I like the overall atmosphere of the school and the focus on nursing, although you may be taking non-nursing courses with DeVry students so there is some diversity, too. It is a for-profit school, and it is a subsidiary of DeVry. However, I researched it and it has the proper accreditation. I am going for my BSN, which is nationally accredited by CCNE. I posted a link to the organization below.

    As for the HESI, it's not rocket science and I did not even study for it. The subjects I was tested on were fresh in my mind, though, as I had recently taken the classes. There is an on-screen calculator, and physics is not on the exam. Also, your pre-requisite classes are considered when examining your scores. So if you did not take a class, admissions may be more lenient. I would still recommend looking up sample questions for the other categories. I also recommend brushing up on your conversions and measurements. Overall, I believe it is similar to the TEAS test. I heard the HESI was easier. For the HESI, Chamberlain tests you on math, reading, grammar, anatomy and physiology, chemistry, vocabulary, and biology. Here is a link to the FAQ.

    HESI Admission Assessment (A2) Exam FAQs

    American Association of Colleges of Nursing | CCNE Accreditation

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