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    Hi Maxs,
    I am completing my BA somewhere else this semester and had planned on trying to transfer to UIC for a BSN, (seeing as I thought I had all the pre-reqs complete-at 3.8 gpa).

    Thing is, as you said many schools have different pre-reqs, I hadn't completed my organic chemistry.

    Although, UIC just got approval in time for this Januarys graduate entry program! The deadline for next January's program is March 1st and I do have the pre-reqs complete for that! No organic chem required.

    I hope you get in and cannot see why you wouldn't with such a high gpa for your pre-reqs.

    I hope to read later that you are in and also hope to post later that I did too!!

    p.s. future UIC hopeful RN Graduate certified in sping 2007

    Quote from Maxs
    Hello everyone, I am new here.

    Here is the deal, my cumulative GPA is 3.63 My Science GPA is 4.00, I am applying for the fall of 2005, now do I have any chance of getting accepted, if so how small. Or should just give up since I don't have at least 3.95 cumulative GPA. I am really frustrated and I can use some advice right now (you don't have to be nice, the truth pays off in the long run even though it may sound harsh at first). Also, can anyone tell me what the average GPA that gets admitted to UIC's college of nursing is (undergraduate program) every year? I would really appreciate any comments on this manner.

    Thank You

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    :hatparty: :hatparty:

    I just got accepted to UIC and I would like to thank you all, for your courage and support. And Thank ALLAH (God).

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    This is for 2004:
    Avg GPA--3.52/4.00
    AVG science GPA---3.47/4.00
    Admission #s:
    86/470 admitted in Chicago site
    49/90 " '' Urbana site
    18 RN/BSN admitted/ 34 apps in all 3 regions
    There are four different sites that you can get your BSN from UIC---springfield, chicago, urbana-champaign(that's me) and quad cities. You can only apply to one site though. I talked to the director & they say you get the same quality of schooling as on main campus in Chicago. Plus, employers only care that you got a degree from UIC, not the specific training location. There are of course advantages to the different sites. One may be closer to your home. If you want the city life then Chicago's prime choice. If you want the college life then go UofI urbana-champain (& if you love college basketball---go ILLINI!!!!!)K, hope this helps anyone who reads this (even though I posted way too late for the intial posting). check out ciao ciao

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